Collegiate Affiliation

Paul Goren is a Professor of Political Science.

He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on American politics, public opinion, political parties, and political psychology.

He is the author of the 2013 book On Voter Competence (Oxford University Press) and the co-author (with Chris Chapp) of forthcoming book Moral Issues: How Public Opinion on Abortion and Gay Rights Affects American Religion and Politics (University of Chicago Press, Series in American Politics).  He has published research articles in the American Political Science Review, American Journal of Political Science, British Journal of Political Science, Political Behavior, Political Psychology, and other outlets. His current research centers on (1) public opinion on abortion/same-sex rights; (2) the endogeneity of core social, political, and psychological predispositions; (3) basic human values and public opinion; and (4) how views of the "welfare queen" affect racial prejudice and welfare opinions.

In his free time, he enjoys deadlifting and squatting, reading Image comics, and listening to bootleg recordings of the Velvet Underground and Les Rallizes Dénudés.  

Educational Background & Specialties
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Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: Political Science, University of Pittsburgh, 1998
  • M. A.: Political Science, University of Pittsburgh, 1994
  • B. S.: Industrial Management with University Honors, Carnegie Mellon University, 1989


  • US Public Opinion
  • US Voting Behavior
  • Political Psychology