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Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • BA: Anthropology, Urban Design and Architecture, New York University, 2009.
  • MA: Anthropology, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 2014.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Lithic technology
  • Paleolithic Archaeology
  • The Middle to Upper Paleolithic transition in western Europe
  • 3D Modeling of Archaeological Materials
Courses Taught
  • TA: Anthropology 1001: Introduction to Human Evolution
  • TA: Anthropology 5269: Analysis of Stone Tool Technology
  • Monnier, G. F., Ladwig, J. L., &Porter, S. T. (2012). Swept under the rug: the problem of unacknowledged ambiguity in lithic residue identification. Journal of Archaeological Science, 39(10), 3284–3300.