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4-101 Hanson Hall

1925 4th Street South

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: Mathematics, University of Minnesota, 1987.
  • M.A.: Economics, University of Manchester, United Kingdom, 1980.
  • B.A.: Philosophy, University of Florence, Italy, 1977.


  • economic dynamics
  • game theory
  • mathematics for economists
  • microeconomic theory
  • models of bounded rationality
  • political economy
Courses Taught
  • Econ 1905 - Freshman Seminar: Experimental Economics
  • Econ 8117 - Noncooperative Game Theory
  • Econ 8118 - Noncooperative Game Theory
  • Econ 8001 - 8004: Microeconomic Analysis Sequence
  • Econ 8101 - 8104: Microeconomic Theory Sequence
  • Econ 8182: Advanced Topics in Microeconomics
Research & Professional Activities

Professional Activities

  • Associate Editor: Journal of Economic Literature


  • Research Department, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis :
  • Forward Induction: Thinking and Behavior: Rustichini, Aldo, Piotr Evdokimov, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 128 195-208, 2016. Link
  • Intelligence moderates neural responses to monetary reward and punishment: Rustichini, Aldo, Daniel R. Hawes, Colin G. DeYoung, Jeremy R. Gray, Journal of Neurophysiology, forthcoming. Link
  • Rational attention and Adaptive Coding: a Puzzle and a Solution: Rustichini, Aldo, Camillo Padoa-Schioppa, AER Papers and Proceedings, forthcoming. Link
  • Pride and Diversity in Social Economies: Rustichini, Aldo, Fabio Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, forthcoming. Link
  • Niveloids and Their Extension: Risk Measures on Small Domains: Rustichini, Aldo, Simone Cerreia-Vioglio, Fabio Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, forthcoming. Link
  • Why Blame?: Rustichini, Aldo, Mehmet Gurdal, Joshua Miller, Journal of Political Economy, 121(6) 1205-1247, December 2013. Link
  • A reassessment of the Relationship between GDP and Life Satisfaction: Rustichini, Aldo, Eugenio Proto, PLOS One, 8(11) , 2013. Link
  • Human Economic Choice as Costly Information Processing. Rustichini, Aldo, John Dickhaut, Vernon Smith, Baohua Xin , Author, forthcoming. Link
  • Overconfidence and Social Signaling: Rustichini, Aldo, Stephen Burks, Jeff Carpenter, Lorenz Goette, Review of Economic Studies, 80(3) 949-983, 2013. Link
  • Fellow, Econometric Society