BA in American Studies

The American Studies BA is an interdisciplinary program of study that addresses the US as the outcome of historical processes that are both national in contour and global in scope. Such processes include migration, labor accumulation, land acquisition, cultural dissemination, implications of US laws and policies; and identity formations around gender, sexuality, and race.

To declare an American studies major, make an appointment with:

Evan Johnson

Undergraduate Advisor

American studies is not simply an interdisciplinary intersection of combined knowledge from different disciplines. Instead, it is an arena that allows us to reimagine the interrelationships between fields in the social sciences and humanities.

Our students and faculty study within a variety of academic settings, including literature, history, sociology, anthropology, geography, cultural studies, art history, urban studies, political science, and women’s studies. As a comparative enterprise, we study the US in relation to other nations and cultures around the globe.

The Department of American Studies includes a minor in Asian American studies. We also collaborate with the Departments of African American & African Studies, American Indian StudiesChicano & Latino Studies, and the Center for Jewish Studies for students who would like to concentrate their work in one of those cultural areas.

Elective Courses

We have designated pre-approved courses from other departments that count towards an American studies major. If you are interested in taking courses that are not on this list, please contact the director of undergraduate studies to discuss their viability.

View the list of pre-approved elective courses and related academic policies.