Asian American, Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2024

As we conclude AANHPI Heritage Month, we celebrate our community members who identify as Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and/or Pacific Islander and highlight some of the ways that CLA scholars engage with topics relevant to these diasporas.

We’re proud to share some stories from the past year and highlight resources and opportunities.

Culture & Heritage

"Even lifting a paper is easier together"

Jiyeon Lee delivering her undergraduate commencement speech

Jiyeon Lee (BA '24, developmental psychology) served as the student speaker for CLA's undergraduate commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 12. Read the speech.

In this journey, I encountered the wisdom of a Korean proverb, '백지장도 맞들면 낫다', which translates to "even lifting a paper is easier together." This simple yet profound phrase encapsulates the essence of our shared human experience—the belief that burdens become lighter when shared, that any challenge becomes surmountable when faced as a collective.

Social Justice & Transformation

Spotlight on the Chinese Flagship Program

The Chinese Flagship program at the University of Minnesota trains the nation’s most qualified undergraduate students from diverse disciplines to achieve superior-level Mandarin Chinese proficiency and promotes their success as global professionals.

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Registration is open for summer and fall ‘24 courses. You do not need to be a degree-seeking student to register; learn about registration as a non-degree-seeking student.

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Summer Program

A very green arboretum in summertime; a waterfall is in the background, along with two people on a path

Learn about language and culture courses in the Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Summer Program.





AAS 1101 / AMST 1101 / ANTH 1101: Imagining Asian America
AFRO 1903: China-Africa Contemporary Relations
AMES 1001: Asian Film and Animation
AMES 1201: Arrow, Fist, and Sword: Conceptions of the Hero in Asian Cultures
AMES 1917W: Playing with Genders: How Arts Inform Our Everyday Genders, a Case Study in Japanese Arts
ARTH 1004W: Introduction to Asian Art
DNCE 1335: T'ai Chi Ch'uan
ENGL 1301W: Introduction to Multicultural Literatures of the United States
HIST 1463 / EAS 1463: An Introduction to Imperialism in Asia, 1850-Present
HIST 1925: U.S. Empire and Asian Women as Objects of Desire
PSY 1927: Asian American Experiences


AAS 3001 / AMST 3001: Contemporary Perspectives on Asian America
AAS 3211W: Race & Racism in the U.S.
AAS 3251W: Sociological Perspectives on Race, Class, and Gender
AAS 3301 / ENGL 3301: Asian America Through Arts and Culture
AAS 3351 / COMM 3351: Asian Americans and Popular Culture
AMES 3001: Concepts in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
AMES 3232W: "Short" Poetry in China and Japan
AMES 3320: Geological Imaginaries in China
AMES 3356W: Chinese Film
AMES 3433: Traditional Japanese Literature in Translation
AMES 3478 / EAS 3471 / HIST 3471: Modern Japan, Meiji to the Present (1868-2000)
AMES 3536: Modern Korean Literature
AMES 3576: Language & Society of the Two Koreas
AMES 3637W: Modern Indian Literature
AMES 3679 / RELS 3679: Religion and Society in Modern South Asia
AMES 3756: Southeast Asian Cinema
AMES 3766: Hmong Textiles and Identities
AMES 3920: Of Rice, Ramen, and Roti: Food in Asia
CSCL 3141: Classics of World Literature
HIST 3468 / EAS 3468: Social Change in Modern China
HIST 3485: History of Southeast Asia
HIST 3488: The Making of Modern India: The World’s Largest Democracy
LANG 3507: Korean Language and Contemporary Pop Culture
LANG 3512: Sociology of Contemporary Korea


PHIL 4760: Asian Philosophy


AMES 5250: The Making of Asian Cinema: Theory/Praxis/Politics
AMES 5320: Taiwan Studies Today
AMES 5420 / ARTS 5490: Japanese Narrative Design Lab
AMES 5536: Modern Korean Literature
AMES 5679: Religion and Society in Modern South Asia
PHIL 5760: Asian Philosophy


AMES 8001: Critical Approaches to Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


CHN 1011: Beginning Modern Chinese I
CHN 1015: Accelerated Beginning Modern Chinese
CHN 3021: Intermediate Modern Chinese I
CHN 3031: Advanced Modern Chinese I
CHN 3161: Movies in Modern China
CHN 3201: Chinese Calligraphy

CHN 4001: Beginning Modern Chinese I for Graduate Student Research
CHN 4003: Intermediate Modern Chinese I for Graduate Student Research
CHN 4005: Accelerated Beginning Modern Chinese for Graduate Student Research
CHN 4007: Advanced Modern Chinese I for Graduate Student Research
CHN 4025: Chinese for Academic and Professional Purposes
CHN 4041: Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese I

CHN 5041: Media Chinese


LANG 1181: Beginning Filipino I


HNDI 1011: Beginning Hindi I
HNDI 3021: Intermediate Hindi I
HNDI 3031: Advanced Hindi I


HMNG 1011: Beginning Hmong I
HMNG 1015: Accelerated Beginning Hmong

HMNG 3021: Intermediate Hmong I
HMNG 3290: Hmong Language Teaching Tutorial

HMNG 4001: Beginning Hmong I for Graduate Student Research
HMNG 4003: Intermediate Hmong I for Graduate Student Research
HMNG 4005: Accelerated Beginning Hmong for Graduate Research


LANG 1051: Beginning Indonesian I
LANG 3051: Advanced Indonesian I


JPN 1011: Beginning Japanese I
JPN 3021: Intermediate Japanese I
JPN 3031: Third Year Japanese I

JPN 4001: Beginning Japanese I for Graduate Student Research
JPN 4003: Intermediate Japanese I for Graduate Student Research
JPN 4005: Third Year Japanese I for Graduate Student Research
JPN 4041: Advanced Japanese Conversation and Composition I


KOR 1011: Beginning Korean I

KOR 3021: Intermediate Korean I
KOR 3031: Third Year Korean I
KOR 3290: Korean Language Teaching Tutorial

KOR 4001: Beginning Korean I for Graduate Student Research
KOR 4003: Intermediate Korean I for Graduate Student Research
KOR 4005: Third Year Korean I for Graduate Student Research
KOR 4041: Advanced Readings in Modern Korean I


LANG 1421: Beginning Tamil I


LANG 1341: Beginning Thai I
LANG 5341: Advanced Thai III


URDU 1011: Beginning Urdu I
URDU 3021: Intermediate Urdu I
URDU 3031: Advanced Urdu I


LANG 1121: Beginning Vietnamese I
LANG 2121: Intermediate Vietnamese I
LANG 3123: Advanced Vietnamese I


Program in Asian American Studies

Taking our inspiration from the words of Grace Lee Boggs, we "embrace the idea that we are the leaders we've been looking for."

Our Asian American Studies Program recognizes both the uniqueness of Minnesota's Asian American populations as well as their commonalities with each other and with other Asian American communities across the nation. Community interests and concerns shape all of our curriculum, research projects, and outreach work.

With our locale, community resources, and faculty, we are helping create new models of teaching Asian American history, politics, literature, and cultures.

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Department of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

We are a dynamic and innovative department that offers courses in the study of the cultures, media, literatures, and languages from Asia and the Middle East. We offer courses in the diverse fields of cultural studies, film studies, gender, religion, poetry and prose, environment, postcolonial studies, and more. 

Our majors and minors combine the study of cultures and languages to be astute global citizens. Graduates of AMES work in every field imaginable and pursue graduate degrees in cultural studies, social sciences, law, arts, humanities, and more.

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Race, Indigeneity, Disability, Gender & Sexuality Studies

RIDGS provides a recognizable and sustainable hub for rigorous theoretical work and engaged scholarship on diversity, social justice, and inequality. RIDGS brings together faculty to build upon interdisciplinary strengths by fostering intersectional collaborative projects and community engaged research.

RIDGS is dedicated to bringing faculty and students together to pursue lines of inquiry that challenge systems of power and inequality, assert human dignity, and imagine social transformation.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in CLA

The core values of the College of Liberal Arts include

  • Freedom of thought and expression
  • Respect, diversity, and social justice
  • Excellence in all we do
  • Efficiency and adaptability in the achievement of our mission

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