Graduate Students

The anthropology department has a vibrant graduate student community. Graduate students regularly host brown-bag talks and colloquia, as well as engaging in research and teaching undergraduate courses.

Name Anthropology Sub-field Research Specialties
Easlin Anderson Sociocultural Anthropology PhD  
Yige Bao
Archaeology PhD ZooMS (Zooarchaeology of Mass Spectrometry); microarchaeology; middle paleolithic Balkans Peninsula; Neanderthal subsistence; paleodiet; zooarchaeology; taphonomy, paleoenvironment
Akashleena Basu
Sociocultural Anthropology PhD anthropology of religion; anthropology of the body and senses; multispecies studies; philosophical anthropology
Selena Bernier
Archaeology PhD indigenous North American archaeology, Minnesota precontact archaeology, glacial geology, copper materials, ancient mining practices, archaeological ethics and repatriation
Yessica Berumen Martinez
Archaeology PhD Latinx diaspora archaeology, material culture studies, migration/mobility, heritage studies, memory and forgetting, oral histories
Emily Briggs
Archaeology PhD North American archaeology, isotope analyses (87Sr/86Sr, d18O), indigenous archaeology, repatriation and restorative archaeological practices
Nathan Buckley
Sociocultural Anthropology PhD political anthropology, sovereignty, everyday geopolitics, critical European studies, Gibraltar, queer theory
Berkant Caglar Sociocultural Anthropology PhD queer anthropology; court ethnography; denialism; legal & political anthropology; reproductivity; temporality
Miguel Angel Contreras Sieck
Biological Anthropology PhD
Phenotype-genotype interactions, quantitative genetics, ancient DNA, ethical research and data sharing in biological anthropology, virtual anthropology
Deniz Coral Sociocultural Anthropology PhD  
Kadir Yavuz Emiroglu Sociocultural Anthropology PhD  
Yun Feng
Sociocultural Anthropology PhD e-commerce villages/towns, digital technology, algorithm, land policy, housing land loss of rural women, platform capitalism, rurality, family workshop
Samantha Gogol
Biological Anthropology PhD  
Leonie Gussone
Biological Anthropology PhD primate behavioral ecology, movement ecology, competition, intergroup conflict, effects of environmental and anthropogenic change
Abigail Hall
Biological Anthropology PhD  
Muhammad Osama Imran Sociocultural Anthropology PhD  
Peter Johnson
Sociocultural Anthropology PhD agribusiness, development, ecology, settler colonialism
Penina Kadalida
Biological Anthropology PhD  
Fa'aumu Kaimana
Sociocultural Anthropology PhD  
Esther Sociocultural Anthropology PhD  
Panchen Lo
Sociocultural Anthropology PhD
queer and trans studies, feminist anthropology, transnational feminism, temporalities
Risa Luther
Biological Anthropology PhD paleoanthropology, primate dietary ecology, dental topographic analyses, tooth wear, human and primate evolution, eastern Africa, inclusive science communication
Rania Madani Sociocultural Anthropology PhD  
Vasilije Marojevic
Archaeology PhD hunter-gatherer archaeology, Mediterranean prehistory, lithic raw material studies, lithic technology, Neanderthal behavior, landscape archaeology 
Annie Melton
Archaeology PhD lithic technology, middle to upper Paleolithic transition, cultural transmission, digital archaeology, near Eastern prehistory
Pranav Menon
Sociocultural Anthropology PhD intersections of legal anthropology, anthropology of Islam and caste, environmental humanities, human non human relations, forest governance and legal geographies
Sophie Minor
Archaeology PhD historical archaeology, enslavement in the midwest, preservation and representation
Megan Moore Sociocultural Anthropology PhD  
Samuel Muteti
Biological Anthropology PhD  
Thanzeel Nazer  Sociocultural Anthropology PhD  
Emmanuel Kipruto Ngetich Biological Anthropology PhD  
Laura Pott
Biological Anthropology PhD human population genetics, evolutionary genomics, admixture, ancient DNA
Stephen Savignano Sociocultural Anthropology PhD  
Samantha Schwartz
Archaeology PhD Korean diaspora archaeology, landscape, gender, multi-ethnic communities, United States
MaryGrace Trifilio
Sociocultural Anthropology PhD kinship and care, eldercare policy, critical disability studies, medical carcerality, and urban life
Madelaine Walker
Biological Anthropology PhD life history and paleoecology of early Miocene catarrhines, primate paleobiology
Annika Yates
Sociocultural Anthropology PhD anthropology of sport, atmosphere, Vietnam
Wei Ye Sociocultural Anthropology PhD  
Jaime Zolik
Biological Anthropology PhD