Research Opportunities

Our research centers and labs have a diverse selection of equipment that you may use to conduct your research. Additionally, we host a collection of materials and remains from all over the world that may be used for research projects.


  • Old World Archaeology: collections from early Holocene Capsian sites from North Africa and European Middle Paleolithic and medieval sites. The primary artifact types are lithics, animal bones, worked bone, and bronze.
  • New World Pottery: mainly from Latin America and the American Southwest.
  • Primate Osteology: cranial and postcranial skeletons mainly from Congo, Kenya, Uganda, and South America; includes the Neil C. Tappen collection.
  • Mammalian Osteology: a comparative collection of North American, African, and Eurasian mammalian skeletons.
  • Human Evolution Casts: extensive teaching collection of casts related to hominoid and hominin evolution.
  • Archaeology Teaching Collection: ceramics, lithics, metal artifacts, and archaeological animal bone. Reserved for teaching and reference in archaeology.
  • Taphonomy: skeletal material affected by diverse natural and cultural processes; includes the Glynn Isaac East Turkana field collection, material from hunter-gatherer ethnoarchaeology in the Congo, and experimental collections. 

Interested in accessing our collections?

 Fill out our access to collections application and email it to Matt Edling.