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Research Opportunities

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Our research centers and labs have a diverse selection of equipment that you may use to conduct your research. Additionally, we host a collection of materials and remains from all over the world that may be used for research projects.


  • Old World Archaeology: collections from early Holocene Capsian sites from North Africa and European Middle Paleolithic and medieval sites. The primary artifact types are lithics, animal bones, worked bone, and bronze.
  • New World Pottery: mainly from Latin America and the American Southwest.
  • Primate Osteology: cranial and postcranial skeletons mainly from Congo, Kenya, Uganda, and South America; includes the Neil C. Tappen collection.
  • Mammalian Osteology: a comparative collection of North American, African, and Eurasian mammalian skeletons.
  • Human Evolution Casts: extensive teaching collection of casts related to hominoid and hominin evolution.
  • Archaeology Teaching Collection: ceramics, lithics, metal artifacts, and archaeological animal bone. Reserved for teaching and reference in archaeology.
  • Taphonomy: skeletal material affected by diverse natural and cultural processes; includes the Glynn Isaac East Turkana field collection, material from hunter-gatherer ethnoarchaeology in the Congo, and experimental collections. 


The Anthropological, Environmental, and Geological Interdisciplinary Sciences group (AEGIS) brings together researchers from a wide variety of disciplines who share the goal of applying cutting-edge scientific techniques to the study of the human past, including archaeology, biological anthropology, and paleoenvironmental studies. The AEGIS group is committed to fostering graduate training and research collaboration between members from across disciplines but also between University researchers and private sector specialists, such as professionals in the cultural resource management or remote-sensing industries.