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Every semester we offer a wide array of courses available to graduate students, including seminars that grow out of individual faculty research, interdisciplinary courses co-taught with faculty in other departments, as well as advanced lecture courses that cover a wide range of historical periods, artistic media, geographic regions, and themes.

Below is a list of current graduate course offerings:

Spring 2019

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
ARTH 5336Transformations in 17th Century Art: Caravaggio, Velazquez, and Bernin...Sections [1]
ARTH 5413Alternative Media: Video, Performance, Digital ArtSections [1]
ARTH 5769Connoisseurship and Curatorial Practice in Early Chinese ArtSections [1]
ARTH 5950Topics: Art HistorySections [1]
ARTH 5993Directed StudySections [11]
ARTH 5994Directed ResearchSections [1]
ARTH 8320Seminar: Issues in Early Modern Visual Culture - The Early Modern Arch...Sections [1]
ARTH 8333FTE: Master'sSections [1]
ARTH 8444FTE: DoctoralSections [1]
ARTH 8520Seminar: American Art and Material CultureSections [1]
ARTH 8666Doctoral Pre-Thesis CreditsSections [1]
ARTH 8888Thesis Credit: DoctoralSections [1]
ARTH 8970Directed StudiesSections [1]

Fall 2019

There are no ARTH courses available for Fall 2019.
Please see for more info.