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Trittipo, Casey
"A Visual Affair: Popular Culture and L'Affaire Dreyfus"

Truitt, Andrea 
"Experiencing the Otherworldly: Magazine Reading and Illustrations of Orientalist Domestic Space in the United States, 1880-1920"

Wolff, Rachel
"All that We Have: Performance Photographs and Artist Interviews in the Contemporary"


Heer, Melissa
The Breath within the Breath: Contemporary Performance Art Practices in India”

Joseph, Laura Wertheim
“Shadow Feminism: Disavowed Feminized Labor in Postwar American Art”

Swanson, Susan
“The Work of the Magi: Adoration Imagery and Visions of Globalization in Early Modern Europe”


DeLand, Lauren
“Invisible Men: The Risks and Pleasures of Self-Portrayal in the Work of Contemporary American Male Artists”

Franck, Sara
“Bucolic Architecture: Hellenistic Pastoral Temples in the Peloponnese”

Warren, Erica
“Munthe’s Myths: Designing a Norwegian Nation in Decorative Art”


Chisholm, Anna
“Fred Wilson’s ‘Un-Natural’ Histories: Race, Trauma, and the Visual Production of Knowledge”

Myers, Cerise
“Imagining the Posthuman: Art, Technology, and Living in the Future”

Rounthwaite, Adair
“Participation and Politics at the Dia Art Foundation, 1988–89”


Arcak, Sinem
“Gifts in Motion: Ottoman-Safavid Cultural Exchange, 1500–1639”

Brash, Carol
"Keeping the Past Present: Representations of Ming Dynasty Gardens"

Geppert, Melissa
“Favela Effects: Brazilian Art at the Intersections of Community Development and Global Markets”

Green, Midori
“Sec’s Appeal: The Secretary in American Popular Culture, 1872–1964”


Chandra, Aditi
“On the Becoming and Unbecoming of Monuments: Archaeology, Tourism, and Delhi’s Islamic Architecture (1828–1963)”

Dalal, Radha
“At the Crossroads of Modernity, Space, and Identity: Istanbul and the Orient Express Train”

Gupta, Atreyee
“The Promise of the Modern: State, Culture, and Avant-Gardism in India (ca. 1930–1960)”

Latif, Riyaz
“Ornate Visions of Knowledge and Power: Formation of Marinid Madrasas in Maghrib al-Aqsā”

Maddipati, Venugopal
“Selfsame Spaces: Gandhi, Architecture, and Allusions in Twentieth-Century India”

Ray, Sugata
“In the Name of Krishna: Temple Architecture, Pilgrimage Practices, and the Making of a Cultural Landscape in Vrindavan”


Sik, Sarah
“Satire and Sadism: François-Rupert Carabin and the Symbolist Treatment of Female Form in Fin-de-Siècle France”


Aravecchia, Nicola
“Christians of the Western Desert in Late Antiquity: The Fourth-Century Church Complex of Ain el-Gedida in the Dakhleh Oasis, Upper Egypt”

Johnson Bidler
Tiffany, “Delineations: American Art History and the Discourse of Inheritance”

Roethke, Leigh
“A Passion for Spain: Españolismo in American Visual Culture”

Wilson, Paul
“The Global Aesthetics of Nostalgia: Nation and Longing in Contemporary Art”


Anderson, Kristin
“The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, Minneapolis, Minnesota”

Chung, Nogin
"Picturing American Women in the Postwar Period"


Hegstrom, Debra
"Gustav Stickley and American 'Home-making' in The Craftsman: Gender and Design Issues 1890–1915"

Kim, Hawon
"The 19th-Century Jain Pilgrimage Site of Satrunjaya, Gujarat"

Nelson, Andrea
"Reading Montage: The Photography Books of László Moholy-Nagy and Walker Evans"

Olson, Marsha
"Jesus, Mary, and All the Saints: Indo-Portuguese Ivory Statuettes and Their Role as Mission Art in 17th- to 18th-Century Goa"


Carlson, Elizabeth
"City of Mirrors: Spectacle and Surveillance in 19th Century Paris"

Eimen, Alisa
"Museum and Mosque: The Shifting Identities of Modern Iran"

Phillips, Kristy
"A Museum for the Nation: Publics and Politics at the National Museum of India"