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New Museum and Curatorial Studies Minor

October 17, 2020

Starting in Spring 2021, the Department of Art History will offer an undergraduate minor in Museum and Curatorial Studies. The minor invites students from diverse majors to engage in the study of museum history while gaining experience in the field. Internships and electives provide opportunities to learn the practical skills involved in curating, collection management, and exhibition design. The minor will be of interest to students who want to pursue careers in museums, galleries, and archives, and in related fields such as design, digital communication, writing and journalism, intellectual property, education, and administration.

The minor in Museum and Curatorial Studies requires a total of five courses: one foundational course in the history of museums, collecting, and object display (ARTH 1002); an internship experience (ARTH 3896); one to two museum electives chosen from a range of courses offered by departments across the university; and one to two electives in art history.

For more information, please contact us:

Dr. Peter Harle, Undergraduate Advisor

Dr. Laura Kalba, Director of Undergraduate Studies