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Sonja Peterson - State Fair 2017

Sonja Peterson Presents "The Nature of Paper" at the MN State Fair

The exhibit title is “The Nature of Paper: Cuts and Folds.” All of the work speaks to the natural world and questions where we locate ourselves within, through narrative or general visual references. The Creative Arts Building has a long history of housing a wide variety of exhibits, and is a perennially unique, visual cornucopia for the senses. It is the first building on the left at the main entrance to the State Fair and across the street from the University of MN Driven to Discover building.
Painting Class Critique

Now Hiring an Assistant Professor of Drawing and Printmaking - Digital Emphasis

The Department of Art in the College of Liberal Arts invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track assistant professor (9403) faculty position to begin fall semester 2018 (08/27/2018). Appointment at the rank of tenure-track assistant professor, depending on qualifications and experience consistent with collegiate and University policy, will be a 100% appointment distributed over the nine-month academic year (late-August to late-May).
Professor of Urban Forestry Gary Johnson

Street Life: Photographing the City

It’s far too easy to spend the day sucked into the screen of your phone or laptop, essentially oblivious to the details of the world around you, whether that means the cracks in the sidewalk, the faded signage on corner convenience stores, or the quotidian rhythms of pedestrians and commerce on a given city block. Both Grant and Hoolihan are inspired by the cityscape right outside the doors of the University of Minnesota, and have treated this summer workshop course as an opportunity to inspire and encourage their students to explore their immediate surroundings with a sense of intention, awakeness and awareness.

Now Hiring 3D Digital Fabrication and 2D Technical Coordinator

This 75 percent position will provide material and digital instruction on 3D digital fabrication software and equipment to undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty in the Department of Art’s XYZ Lab. Assist in the integration of 3D digital fabrication technologies into Department of Art curriculum and research activities. Provide technical support for the Drawing, Painting and Printmaking (DPP) facilities in the Department of Art. Maintain, repair, design, and build equipment in the XYZ Laboratory and in the DPP Area. Responsible for purchasing supplies and equipment within assigned areas. Reports to the Facilities and Technical Coordinator.
Katherine E. Nash - Newspaper Clipping

Remembering Katherine E. Nash

Surveying her body of work in bronze casting and welded metal, the depth of her curiosity, experimentation and playfulness quickly become apparent. Almost 50 years after her initial entry into the University of Minnesota as an undergraduate, and fifteen years after she began teaching there, Katherine E. Nash retired in 1976. Though she had been the only female faculty member of the art department for more than a decade, she lived to see the impact of her hard work over the years, as women slowly began to play a larger and larger role in the composition of the faculty.
We Move Still, Sunrise

"We Move Still" at Franconia Sculpture Park

Rosenow and Martin were excited about the opportunity to create something on a much more monumental scale than they had ever worked before. They were inspired by the projects of Félix González-Torres, Ann Hamilton and Roni Horn, who use everyday materials in unfamiliar ways. For their giant blue curtains they settled on debris netting fabric, made of knit polyethylene, which is commonly used in the construction of skyscrapers. For the height of the piece, they decided upon 34 feet because that was the upper limit imposed by the logistics of constructing the steel support frame.
Purple rectangle with "Making Room" centered in the picture

Elise Armani: Making Room

The Regis Center for Art presents "Making Room," a group exhibition of sculptural works curated by GWSS and Art undergraduate student Elise Armani. Artists featured in the show include Anna Campbell, Paige Carlson, Michael David Franklin, Marc LaPointe, Daniel Luedtke, Rosemary McBride, Emmett Ramstad, Alaura Seidel, and Dustin Yager. Head over to the Quarter Gallery at the Regis Center for Art to see this exhibit!
Photo of art professor Tom Rose

The Dialect of Art

Art professor Thomas Rose has created Mapping Transitions through the Vehicle of Art, a unique research program that is a collaboration between artists in China and various institutions in Minnesota. The project uses art exhibitions to initiate deeper conversations on culture and society.
Students wearing protective clothing working with melted iron in the foundry

Metal Casting Students Take Part in Annual Iron Pour

On Friday, the University of Minnesota art department hosted its 30th Annual Thanksgiving Iron Pour at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery. The event allowed students to exhibit the skills they learned in their metal casting classes. “For students, it teaches them the value of their community,” said Tamsie Ringler, assistant professor of sculpture and leader of the pour. “It helps people learn collaboration and how to make their art better."
Photo of student Zachary Swenson building a sand mold to be used at the iron pour

Baptism by Fire and Disco

Pouring molten iron and jamming out to disco music aren’t two activities that usually go together. This Friday, noon to 4:00pm, the Regis Center’s foundry will hold one of its annual iron pours, where students, professors and visiting artists will work together to melt down and pour molten iron for projects they’ve been working on.