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Rachel Breen - "Shroud"

Rachel Breen Exhibition at Perlman Teaching Museum

NORTHFIELD, Minn. — Exactly 1,281 white garments hang from the ceiling of the Perlman Teaching Museum’s Braucher Gallery. The collared shirts, knit sweaters, tights, and other items of clothing glow with an eerie luminosity. The 1,281 garments represent the number of Bangladeshi garment workers killed in the Rana Plaza building collapse in 2013, as well as the New Yorkers killed in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in 1911. Both incidents, which happened 102 years apart on different continents, tragically illustrate the dangerous conditions workers who make cheap clothing have faced and continue to face.
Clarence Morgan: Escalation

Clarence Morgan Exhibition at University of Tennessee, Knoxville

This exhibition of drawings and paintings explore linear patterns that operate in a pictorial space. Utilizing random shapes and biomorphic forms within an intricate network of drawing, collage elements and subtle color, Morgan's work ranges from highly patterned organic painting compositions to meticulously articulated and somewhat minimal collage-drawings. This exhibition is dedicated in memory of Arlene Burke-Morgan (October 13, 1950 - December 16, 2017), the artist's wife and artistic partner of 46 years.
Professor Chris Larson

Chris Larson Awarded 2018 Guggenheim Fellowship

For the past two decades, Minnesota–based artist Chris Larson has developed a multimedia practice that is rooted in sculpture and incorporates film, video, photography, drawing and sound. His work focuses on building and reproducing spaces, objects and specific architectural sites that look familiar but have been severely affected, disfigured, or transformed through relocation, replication and distortion. His most recent works examines specific architectural sites that are deeply connected to history and location.
Jordan Rosenow Amid Structure

Jordan Rosenow Exhibition at the Rochester Center for Art

Amid Structure is a multimedia installation which looks closely at minimal gestures and the subtle intimacy between objects and architecture. Raw building materials, typically used to solidify permanent structures such as 2x4s, pipes, and steel are the foundation for both domestic and industrial spaces that house/shape the body and its experiences. These materials are created and used in mass quantities where uniformity is expected and they remain hidden in the interior of walls.
Laying in Wait - Emmett Ramstad

Laying in Wait with Emmett Ramstad

Laying in Wait examines what it feels like to wait. The unpunctuated, endless time of physically being in one place and mentally miles away/nowhere. The dentist asks how your day is while your mouth is wide open and you stare at a waterfall on the ceiling. You check and recheck your email while going pee. The hold music on speakerphone becomes your breakfast soundtrack. Can this space of non-presence or stasis be a place of potential? In this time of political turmoil, which is actually all times, is it possible to have productive waiting?
Leschke Noodle Bowl

Asia Ward - Artists in the Kitchen

Beginning December 27, 2017, 50 all-women artist/chef-restaurateur teams met to join forces in an innovative partnership whereby chefs are inspiring the artists to produce new artworks, culminating in the exhibition. ]To honor the mission of Textile Center, each of the artists is incorporating a textile process, material, or sensibility in their completed work. Recognizing the abundance of local culinary and visual art talent of Twin Cities-area women, “this invitational exhibition forges a new partnership that celebrates the work of women artists in both the art studio and culinary worlds.”— Artists in the Kitchen Organizers.

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