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Katherine E. Nash

Remembering Katherine E. Nash

Surveying her body of work in bronze casting and welded metal, the depth of her curiosity, experimentation and playfulness quickly become apparent. Almost 50 years after her initial entry into the University of Minnesota as an undergraduate, and fifteen years after she began teaching there, Katherine E. Nash retired in 1976. Though she had been the only female faculty member of the art department for more than a decade, she lived to see the impact of her hard work over the years, as women slowly began to play a larger and larger role in the composition of the faculty.
We Move Still, Sunrise

"We Move Still" at Franconia Sculpture Park

Rosenow and Martin were excited about the opportunity to create something on a much more monumental scale than they had ever worked before. They were inspired by the projects of Félix González-Torres, Ann Hamilton and Roni Horn, who use everyday materials in unfamiliar ways. For their giant blue curtains they settled on debris netting fabric, made of knit polyethylene, which is commonly used in the construction of skyscrapers. For the height of the piece, they decided upon 34 feet because that was the upper limit imposed by the logistics of constructing the steel support frame.

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October 21, 2017


The premier alumni pregame celebration of Homecoming is back. Join us inside the Mcnamara Alumni Center for food, fun, coronation, special guests and more beginning three hours before...