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Graduate Students

Our department's graduate student offices are located at 428 Folwell Hall. For individual appointments, please reach out to the student by email.

PhD Program

Name Contact Specialty
Nicolas Audet Japanese intellectual history; Video Games Theory  
Chun Wai Fong Japanese literature; Japanese history and Yōkai
Nusaiba Imady Middle East & North Africa; Gender & sexuality studies; The novel; Modern Arabic Literature; Trauma Theory; Feminist Theory; Literature and philosophy
Dhrijyoti Kalita Postcolonial Ecocriticism and Zoocriticism; Anthropocene Studies; Political Ecologies; Empire Studies; Post-development in South Asia; Governance systems in the modern world; South Asian Literatures; Northeast Indian Literature and History
Soo Hyun Lee Korean and Asian cinema, comedy and comic theory; East Asian comedy films
Hui Liu Chinese cinema, popular culture, and comedy; documentary ethics, international cinema
Chuanhui Meng  
Kevin McKiernan Japanese Cinema and Animation; New Wave Cinema; Brazilian Cinema; Modern Japanese Art; The Global 1960s
Mari Odoy Modern Arabic literature; Translation studies; Gender & sexuality studies; Post-colonial theory; Modern Syrian literature
Jiyoon Pyeon East Asian and Korean film/ media/ pop culture
Sreyashi Ray Postcolonial Theory and Criticism; Critical Animality Studies; Theories of Race and Indigeneity; South Asian Literatures 
Pawan Sharma South Asian Cinema, Popular Bollywood Films; Spatialit; Small-town spaces; Traditions of storytelling and narratives and film-making
Emily Sumner Yemeni prose and poetry; Modern Arabic literature; Performance theory; Teaching Arabic as a foreign language 

Master's Program

Name Contact Specialty
Hussnain Ahmed South Asian Cinema; Cinema as escapism; False reality in cinema
Dana Deutmeyer Social Systems in China; Policing systems unique to China;  Community Policing; Community strength and its relation to safety
Matthew Eldon Japanese Animation
Paul Hoanglong Modern Korean literature of the 1930s; Korean modern wiritng
Alexandria Kopicki Japanese diaspora community, Zainichi Koreans
Trae Larson Japanese Cinema; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Japanese Theaters
Joshua Opatz Middle Eastern studies
Tanner Rogers East Asian (mainly South Korean) Educational Systems and Their Social, Economic and Political Impacts