Call For Submissions for the Asian American Studies Journal (2020-2021)

"States of Emergence(y): Ruptures, Entanglements, and Reimaginings"
Submit your piece to AASPJ at The deadline to submit has been extended to March 19,2021.

The Asian American Studies Program Journal is so excited to announce that our call for submissions for the 2020-2021 issue titled "States of Emergence(y): Ruptures, Entanglements, and Reimaginings" is now open. 

This year has been one of constant ringing alarms. As Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi Americans, we are always contending with the urgent, emergent, and transient experiences of war, migration, colonization, assimilation, and belonging. Within the chaos that has emerged over the past few months, we are all now at the crossroads of catastrophe. We must reach out to the entanglements that connect us to one another across history, geography, and generation; the fluid vectors of life spilling into life. How we emerge from this state of emergency hinges on a rupture of the status quo, a reimagining of what it means to be APIDA and to stand in solidarity. We invite you, as APIDA artists, writers, creators, visionaries, and dreamers, to reflect on the ruptures, entanglements, and re-imaginings in your life – as we map a better way forward through this emergency.


Anyone is welcome to submit their work to the AASPJ. Work from the perspectives and experiences of self-identified Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi Americans (APIDA) will be privileged. Editorial decisions will be based on diversity of voice, perspective, content, and style.

Work submitted to the AASPJ should be previously unpublished work. We do not claim ownership of your content.

All editorial decisions are final and under co-editors' discretion.

Submission Guidelines

AASPJ invites submissions in all academic disciplines of research. Creative submissions of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, visual art, and photography are encouraged. In addition, works that challenge traditional disciplines and genre boundaries are welcome.

Written works (fiction, poems, essays, peer reviews, etc) should be uploaded as a Word document (.docx or .doc) and should be no longer than 3,000 words, single-spaced, and 12 pt. Times New Roman font. For poetry, please submit no more than 5 pages of single-spaced poetry.

Visual arts (line art, paintings, photography) must include a title for each image uploaded. Please attach images as high resolution .png or .jpg format.

Multiple submissions are permitted. Please complete a new form for each submission.

For any questions, please contact and include “AASPJ” in the subject line.

About Us

The Asian American Studies Program Journal (AASPJ) was created by students in the University of Minnesota Asian American Studies Program (AASP). Asian American Studies became an official minor program in 2003 after a large grassroots push from faculty and students, which recognized the need for critical pedagogical spaces for Asian American students in the Midwest. We hope to continue the work of carving out a space for diasporic Asian people through the production of this literary journal.

Minnesota has a large population of Southeast Asian Americans, with one of the highest urban Hmong populations in the United States located in the Twin Cities. At the University of Minnesota, Asian Americans hold over 10% of the undergraduate population. Yet, our voices seem to be forgotten. This journal is a reexamination of the unique experiences of Asian Americans in the Midwest. We hope to act as a platform for students, community members, academics, artists, etc. to connect, share intimacy, and build power for the futures which we hope to carve out.

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