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Richard Lee
Director, DUS, Asian American Studies
Department of Psychology

N218 Elliot Hall


CLA Core Faculty


Contact Specialties

Ananya Chatterjea
অনন্যা চট্টোপাধ্যায়

Department of Dance Social Justice Choreography, Contemporary Dance of Asia and Africa, Aesthetics, Movement, Women's Studies, Choreography and Performance, Performance in Global Contexts, Politics of Cultural Production, Theorizing Dancing Bodies, Choreography and Social Justice, Contemporary Dance of Asia and Africa
Jigna Desai
Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
425 Ford Hall
Asian American literature and media, feminist theory, postcolonial studies, queer/sexuality studies, South Asian diasporas, critical disability studies, autism, neuronormativity
Kale B Fajardo
Associate Professor
Department of American Studies
104 Scott Hall
Philippine studies, Filipino/a American studies, Asian/Asian American studies, American studies, masculinity studies, gender studies, feminist studies, queer studies, migration/immigration/transnationalism/ diasporas/globalization, maritime studies, Pacific World, port cities
Karen Ho
Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
395 Hubert H. Humphrey Center
Cultural studies of finance capital; finance, globalization, and capitalism; ethnography; feminist studies; political economy; United States; comparative race and ethnicity
Erika Lee
Department of History
Director of Immigration History Research Center
Andersen Library Suite 311
Migration, race, and ethnicity; Asian Americans; 20th-century United States; law and public policy
Josephine Lee
Department of English, Department of American Studies
310D Lind Hall
Dramatic literature, theater history, performance studies
Asian American studies
Mai Na Lee
Associate Professor
Department of History
937 Heller Hall
Southeast Asia, highland Southeast Asian studies, Southeast Asian American/Hmong communities
Richard Lee
Department of Psychology
N563 Elliott Hall
Counseling psychology, prevention science, ethnic minority mental health, international adoption, individual differences, Asian American studies
Martin F. Manalansan
Department of American Studies
72 Pleasant St SE Rm 104
Sexuality and gender, race and ethnicity, immigration and globalization, cities and modernity, affect, senses and embodiment, food and culture, science and technology studies, critical theory, Filipino global diaspora, Asian Americans, Southeast Asia, Philippines
Yuichiro Onishi
Associate Professor
Department of African American & African Studies
808 Social Sciences
Black radicalism and internationalism, African American history, transnational American studies, critical race studies, Asian American studies
Elliott Powell
Associate Professor
Department of American Studies
104 Scott Hall
American popular music and culture, critical race theory and comparative ethnic studies, feminist and queer studies, African American and Asian American studies, music and politics, music and globalization, jazz, hip hop, sound studies

Kari Smalkoski  Assistant Professor Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies

414 Ford Hall

Masculinity, gender and identity, education and political economy, LGBTQ youth as well as youth sports and social capital. 
Teresa Toguchi Swartz
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
933 Social Sciences Building
Families; intergenerational relations; social inequality; Asian American studies; gender; welfare state; children, youth, and young adulthood

Affiliate Faculty

Name Contact Specialties
Vichet Chhuon
Associate Professor of Culture and Teaching
College of Education & Human Development
359 Peik Hall
Motivation, urban education, racial and ethnic identities, adolescent development, school connectedness, immigrant youth, Asian American studies
Bic Ngo
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
College of Education and Human Development
350A Peik Hall
Culturally relevant pedagogy, urban and multicultural education, immigrant education
Moin Syed
Department of Psychology
N567 Elliott Hall
Identity development among culturally and ethnically diverse youth, intersections among multiple identities, educational and career pathways, narrative psychology

Ruby Nguyen
Associate Professor
Epidemiology & Community Health, School of Public Health

Div. Epidemiology & Community Health
Suite 300


Pubic health; health; immigrant health; family violence; environmental (chemical exposure) health

Michelle Pasco
Assistant Professor
Family Social Science


Neighborhoods, ethnic-racial concentration, adolescent development, family processes ethnic-racial identity, political identity, discrimination, socialization, mixed methods
Alvin Zhou
Assistant Professor
Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication
325 Murphy Hall
Computational social science, social movement, big data, political communication, strategic communication.
Ka I Ip
Assistant Professor
Institute of Child Development Children of immigrant, cultural contexts, social and neigborhood inequalities, stress, social determinants of health and emotion regulation, children and adolescent mental health, brain and HPA axis development 
Marizen Ramirez
Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health
1210 Mayo
Public health, epidemiology, injury and violence prevention, interventions, health equity, policy evaluation, racial trauma, adverse child experiences, bullying 

Laura Garbes
Postdoctoral Fellow

925 Social Sciences Building
Media, Racial Theory, Culture, Sound Studies, Organizational theory
Aamina Ahmad
Assistant Professor
English Creative Writing, Fiction, Drama and Writing for the Screen
Kay A. Simon
Assistant Professor
Family Social Science LGBTQ+ families and future parenthood, LGBTQ+ youth, Identity and identity development
Xiaoran Sun
Assistant Professor
Family Social Science Family systems and adolescent development; Digital technology and family; Computational social science
V. V. Ganeshananthan
Associate Professor
English Creative writing, fiction, non-fiction, journalism, contemporary novels, South Asian diaspora literature, South Asian Anglophone literature, Sri Lanka, Tamil