Lecture: "Geneva Attacks: Violence, Just War and the Calvinist Tradition"

by Graeme Murdock, History, Trinity College, Dublin
soup pot
Image description: ‘Catherine Royaume kills a Savoyard soldier with her soup pot (Geneva’s walls, December 1602)’, engraving by François Diodati (c. 1667).
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Join with graduate students in HIST 8900: Religion and Violence in the Premodern World for a presentation and discussion on "violence, just war and the Calvinist tradition" with guest speaker Graeme Murdock.  What was the role played by religion in early modern war? This is a question with a substantial historiographical pedigree- which has often focused on the conflicts between Catholics and Calvinists within the French monarchy during the latter decades of the sixteenth century. Across the border, a Calvinist Francophone state was preparing to declare war on its Catholic neighbour- with enthusiastic support from their Reformed clergy. What does the Genevan clergy’s advice about a just war reveal about violence and the Calvinist tradition? Professor Murdock will make a brief presentation on the Genevan and then lead a broader discussion on religious war and its justifications based on a short reading list. All participants must register in order to access the readings for the seminar.

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Graeme Murdock is Associate Professor in European History and Fellow of Trinity College Dublin. His research focuses on the history of religion of French-speaking communities and of Hungary during the early modern period. Publications related to the topic of this seminar include Ritual and Violence: Natalie Zemon Davis and Early Modern France, eds Murdock, Roberts, and Spicer, (Past and Present, 2012); ‘Do good fences make good neighbours? Living with heretics in early modern Savoy’ in Benjamin Kaplan et al. (eds), Religious Interactions in Europe and the Mediterranean World (Routledge, 2017); ‘The dancing Calvinists of Montauban: testing the boundaries of a Reformed community in 1590s France’ in Ward Holder et al. (eds), Emancipating Calvin (Brill, 2018); Cultures of Calvinism in early modern Europe, eds Gribben, Murdock (OUP, 2019).

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