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2018 summer grants announcement

2018 Summer Research Grants in Austrian/Central European Studies for UMN graduate...

The Center for Austrian Studies is able to offer a limited number of Summer 2018 Research Grants of $4,000. The grants are intended to provide financial support to currently enrolled University of Minnesota graduate students in order to further their progress towards the degree. Applications are welcome from all disciplines with a connection to Austrian/Central European Studies.
Hakoah swimmer sitting on the grass

Jewish Sport in Vienna 1918–1945: The Case of the Hakoah Sports Club

Founded in Vienna in 1909, the “Hakoah Sports Club” (Hakoah in Hebrew means strength) was the largest and best-known Jewish all-round sports club of the interwar period. Its foundation signalled the rise of a growing national Jewish assertiveness, a Zionist politicization of sporting activities, and a reaction to the socially accepted antisemitism of the early 20th century. In its heyday after the First World War, Hakoah had several thousand members and the original range of sports—the founding statutes initially mentioned the “physical elevation of the Jewish people [...] through the pursuit of football, track and field as well as heavy athletics, and winter and water sports”—was broadened significantly during that period; tourism, skiing, handball, chess, a Hakoah orchestra, and a dancing section were added.

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