Family Declassified: Uncovering My Grandfather's Journey from Spy to Children's Book Author

A Conversation with Katherine Fennelly (Professor Emerita - Humphrey School) and Leslie Morris (Professor and Chair - German, Nordic, Slavic & Dutch)
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Why do people keep deep secrets about their lives and ancestry? In Family Declassified, University of Minnesota Professor Emerita Katherine Fennelly delves into the extraordinary life of her maternal grandfather, a Jewish Hungarian immigrant who arrived in the US 100 years ago. It took several years of reviewing previously unexamined government records and conducting personal interviews and genealogical searches to piece together the life of a man who hid his Jewish identity, worked as a spy, and became a chef and children’s book author. This fascinating story examines the nature of family myths and presents the gripping story of a man whose life was shaped by some of the most extraordinary events of the 20th century.

This conversation will be moderated by Dr. Leslie Morris, Chair, Department of German, Nordic, Slavic & Dutch and Beverly and Richard Fink Professor in Liberal Arts. 

The event is co-sponsored by the Center for Austrian Studies, the Center for Jewish Studies, Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs, and the Department of German, Nordic, Slavic, and Dutch.

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