Customizable Career Readiness Guide

Use the Career Readiness Guide at Your Institution

The Career Readiness Guide has become a tangible symbol of CLA’s commitment to our students’ career readiness. We have leveraged our Career Services Offices' career expertise and put the guide into the hands of everyone in our college by providing it to ALL students at orientation and through our First-Year Experience program (FYE). We also use it as a textbook for several assignments in our FYE program and our Career Management courses.

The Career Readiness framework is outlined in The Career Readiness Guide, along with the Career Management resources needed to help liberal arts students articulate the value of their education in a language employers and others understand.

You can generate your own unique PDF version of The Career Readiness Guide, which has been revised in a universal format to help you serve your students. You may also choose to print these guides by working directly with The John Roberts Company, who has worked with us to create a storefront customization portal. You can download the PDF version at no cost.

After Agreeing to the License & Before You Start Customization Process

After you agree to the license terms, you will be sent a Career Readiness Guide Portal Link hosted by John Roberts Company. Before you start customizing your own version of The Career Readiness Guide, look at the sample guides below to see your options for customization. Each sample PDF contains examples of where your customizable items will be featured.

Be sure you have these customizable items ready before you start. However, you can go back and change things as you work through the process.   

  • The codes for your institution's primary and secondary colors.
    • (HEX codes - Ex. #0000ff)
  • A letter from the dean of your institution or college serving liberal arts students or director of a career center.
    • The letter should be in text form (not a PDF or word document) approximately no longer than 500 words or 2500 characters.
    • If you don’t have a letter, we have included a generic letter available for you to use. (See page 3 of the sample.) 
  • A wordmark for your institution
    • The image file for the wordmark should be a PNG or EPS (not JPEG or PDF). (Image will be placed on the lower left-hand side of page 3, across from the signature.)
  • A signature file for the person signing the letter (regardless of whether you choose to customize the letter or use the generic letter provided).
    • The image file for the signature should be a PNG or EPS (not JPEG or PDF). (See page 3 of the sample.)
  • A list of resources and links to units that support students on your campus. You can format these resources in either one or two columns.  
    • Feel free to include website links, emails, phone numbers, office addresses, etc. (See page 4 of the sample.)
  • If you have decided to use RATE™ and have agreed to the license, there is an option to include RATE™ specific information in the guide.

If you have questions or encounter difficulties, email Judy Anderson.

Click on and view each sample below to see different versions of the CLA Career Readiness Guide.

Black and Gold Customizable Version

Black and Gold Customizable Guide Cover













Blue and Yellow Customizable Verision 

Blue and Yellow Customizable Guide Cover













Green and Gray Customizable Verision 

Green and Gray Customizable Guide Cover













Orange and White Customizable Verision

Orange and White Customizable Guide Cover