2020 Hella Mears Fellowships Applications Due March 6

$5,000 Summer Funding for Advanced Graduate Students in German & European Studies

 We are pleased to announce a new competition for 2020 Hella Mears Fellowships in German and European Studies.  The Hella Mears Fellowships come in two forms.

Departments can nominate incoming graduate students who plan to specialize in German and European Studies.  If awarded, the fellowship provides $5,000 as an augmentation for recruitment.  The fellowship will have to be used during the first year of study either as a direct stipend augmentation during the regular academic year or as a one-time summer stipend in summer 2021.  Incoming students should be nominated by the Director of Graduate Studies of the department to which they apply.  For more information on the nomination process, click hereThe nomination deadline is February 17, 2020.

Advanced graduate students can apply for a $5,000 stipend for summer 2020 to further their dissertation research and/or writing.  Applicants must be in the dissertation phase or in the immediate pre-dissertation phase of their studies, i.e. post-prelims when the award starts.  For more information and applications instructions, see the Hella Mears Fellowship web pageThe application deadline is March 6, 2020.

Interested applicants and departments can contact Klaas van der Sanden at vande001@umn.edu if they have questions.


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