About the Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the critical foundation and analytical tools to understand and effectively address the causes, impacts, and legacies of the Holocaust, genocides, and incidents of mass violence.  

The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (CHGS) promotes academic research, education, and public awareness of the Holocaust, other genocides, and current forms of mass violence.

We provide premier academic programs, fostering a community of students studying genocide and mass violence while cultivating the essential connection between scholarly inquiry, education, and outreach to different sectors of society. Our work is motivated by the hope to inspire future generations to fight hatred and strengthen democracy, thus ensuring a more peaceful and just world.

Three concepts form the core of our approach: remembrance, responsibility, and progress. We support these concepts through:

  • Promoting awareness of past genocides and gaining an understanding of the causes and devastating consequences of mass violence.
  • Collaborating and sharing expertise and resources with centers, departments, and individual faculty members at the University of Minnesota, across the United States, and with international academic institutions.
  • Guiding and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students by organizing courses and workshops, offering fellowships, and providing unique opportunities for interaction with leading experts in the field.
  • Supporting educators by providing online resources, workshops, and seminars facilitated by leading experts in Holocaust and genocide education.