CNRC Courses

Our department offers courses the explore a wide variety of disciplines, including classical languages and literatures (Greek, Hebrew, and Latin), the cultures and history of the ancient Near East and Mediterranean, and the study of ancient religion (Greek, Israelite, Jewish, and Roman). Below are the courses for the 2022-2023 Academic year, but we encourage you to look at our two-year course schedule and course catalog as well as more information about our faculty and graduate students.


Course Offerings for 2022-2023
CNRC 5061W Biblical Law and Jewish Ethics
CNRC 5071 Greek and Hellenistic Religions
CNRC 8570 Readings in Religious Texts (Second Temple Period)
CNRC 5787 Visual Cultures in Contact: Cross-Cultural Interaction in the Ancient World
CNRC 8570 Readings in Religious Texts (Ancient Mediterranean Religions: Metaphor & Gender)