Recent Dissertations


Kristofer Coffman (Religions of Antiquity PhD)
"Harrowing the Field: Towards a Postagrarian Analysis of the Gospels of Matthew and Mark."


Anthony Thomas
"Ambrose of Milan Combats the 'Crooked Interpreter': Forming Nicene Identity through Old Testament Exegesis."

Joshua Reno
"Holy Obscenity: Sexual Invective in the Pauline Corpus"


Elizabeth Torresson
"The Curious Case of Erysichthon"

Ryan Seaberg
"Lexical Blends in Greek and Latin Comedic Idiom"


Nicholas Wagner
"Haec Templa: Religion in Cicero's Orations"
Advisor: Spencer Cole


Rachael Cullick
“Maximae Furiarum: The Female Demonic in Augustan Epic”
Advisor: Christopher Nappa


Aaron Beek
“Freelance Warfare and Illegitimacy: the Historians' Portrayal of Bandits, Pirates, Mercenaries, and Politicians”
Advisor: Andrew Gallia

Anna Beek
“Always Look on the Bright Side of Death: Violence, Death, and Supernatural Transformation in Ovid's Fasti”
Advisor: Christopher Nappa

Andrew Willey
“Discovering a Higher Law: Cicero's Creation of a Roman Constitution”
Advisor: Christopher Nappa


Don Burrows
“The Art of Deception: Longus and the Ancient Novel”
Advisor: Nita Krevans

Christine Lechelt
“Allusions of Grandeur: Gigantomachy, Callimachean Poetics, and Literary Filiation”
Advisors: Nita Krevans and Christopher Nappa


Courtney Jade Friesen
“Reading Dionysus: Euripides' Bacchae among Jews and Christians in the Greco-Roman World”
Advisor: Melissa Harl Sellew

Mary Christine Marquis
“Reading Aeneas and Dido: Suggestion and Inference in Aeneid 1-4”
Advisor: Christopher Nappa


Martin Gregory Wells
“A Cosmopolitan Village: The Hellenistic Settlement at Gordion”
Advisor: Andrea M. Berlin

Michael Owen Wise
“Language and Literacy in Roman Judea: A Study of the Bar Kokhba Documents”
Advisor: George A. Sheets

Heather A. Woods
“Hunting Literary Legacies: Captatio in Roman Satire”
Advisor: Christopher Nappa


Paul Lesperance
“Symbols and Objects on the Sealings from Kedesh”
Advisor: Andrea M. Berlin