Hebrew Online

Beginning Modern Hebrew 1 

What can you gain by studying modern Hebrew?

You can augment your education in a wide variety of topics and careers—including International Relations, Jewish Studies, Middle East Studies, Religious Studies, Business, Journalism, and many more. 

Why take this course online?

Online courses enable you to study a language at your own pace in the free time you have available. One hour a week will be dedicated to meeting with the instructor and peers to practice your speaking skills.

Why take this course at the University of Minnesota?  

Dr. Renana Schneller is a native speaker of Hebrew with a background of Semitic languages (Hebrew and Arabic) as well as in Hebrew pedagogy. Dr. Schneller has been teaching Hebrew and Arabic at various universities in Israel, Europe, and the US. 

Can I take this course if I'm not an enrolled student at the University?

Yes! Non-traditional students, working professionals, and out-of-state students are all encouraged to enroll. Learn more about enrolling as a non-degree/guest student via One Stop Student Services

What about cost?

Find out more about costs and finances. Some out-of-state students are eligible for in-state reciprocity tuition. Learn more about tuition reciprocity programs via One Stop Student Services.

Where can I learn more about the course?  

Contact the Director of Hebrew Language Instruction