Research Opportunities

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Collaborative Research

Collaborative research with faculty members can be a valuable learning experience for students. This research often gives students the opportunity to enhance their resumes by producing publications long before finishing their degree.

Independent Research

Although collaborative research opportunities abound, the communication studies department also makes a strong commitment to supporting students' independent research. For instance, the department regularly provides funds for graduate students to travel to national and regional academic conferences to present their research. The department also sponsors a number of financial awards to support individual research projects.

Interdisciplinary Studies

One of the University of Minnesota's great strengths is its size, which allows and encourages interdisciplinary study to flourish to a degree impossible at smaller institutions. Graduate students can take advantage of the benefits of interdisciplinary study through participation in one of the Graduate School's many interdisciplinary graduate groups. Graduate students in Communication Studies also find support for their research in some of the University of Minnesota's other fine programs.

In the field of communication theory, we have connections with the Department of Psychology, the doctoral minor in Interpersonal Relationships Research, and the Center for Cognitive Sciences.

In the field of rhetorical studies, we have connections with the Departments of Writing Studies, Philosophy, Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature, and Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies