Faculty & Student Research

Faculty Accomplishments

Rick Asher (Art History)was awarded a Fulbright Specialist Fellowship for Southeast Asia, remotely lectured at the Pratt Institute at the University of Texas, worked with the Getty Foundation grant to the College Art Association.

Juliette Cherbuliez (French and Italian) published her new book, In the Wake of Medea (Fordham). Also, "The Sound of Theater: Crowds, Acoustics, Oration" in the open access, bilingual MIT publication: Databases, Revenues, and Repertory: The French Stage Online, 1680-1793 || Données, recettes, et repertoire. La Scène enligne (1680-1793):

Kathryn Reyerson (History) was named the Paul W. Frenzel Chair in Liberal Arts which is a three-year appointment.

Benjamin Wiggins (University Libraries & History): Published Calculating Race: Racial Discrimination in Risk Assessment 

Kirsten Fischer (History) published American Freethinker: Elihu Palmer and the Struggle for Religious Freedom in the New Nation (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2020).

Howard Louthan (History) oversaw the publication of the second edition of the Center for Austrian Studies undergraduate yearbook: Central Europe

Katherine Scheil (English) published a co-edited book, Shakespeare and Biography

Marguerite Ragnow (James Ford Bell Library) was named a Fellow of the Society for the History of Discoveries at its annual meeting on November 14, 2020. She is the only the 21st Fellow of the Society and the 4th from the University of Minnesota.

Rachel Trocchio (English), together with JB Shank (History), has been heading a CSPW-sponsored workshop on Religion, Theology, Enlightenment. She has also recently published an article on transatlantic Puritanism and the 10 Lost Tribes in New England Quarterly.

Katharine Gerbner (History) was named a Scholar of the College, an award which honors exemplary scholarly research and creative work which shows intellectual risk and rigor, and someone who has achieved a high level of distinction in teaching and service.

JB Shank (History) was awarded an NEH Summer Research Fellowship for 2020, which will be taken in 2021 instead as a response to COVID. Dr. Shank also contributed an essay to Lia Markey ed., Renaissance Invention: Stradanus’s Nova Reperta (Northwestern University Press, 2020).

Katharine Gerbner (Associate Professor of History) was awarded an NEH Fellowship for her book project, "Constructing Religion, Defining Crime: Slavery, Power, and Belief in

Colonial America" in January 2020.

Michael Gaudio (Professor of Art History) published Sound, Image, Silence: Art and the Aural Imagination in the Atlantic World in 2019.

Sarah Chambers (Professor of History) published “Rewarding Loyalty after the Wars of Independence in Spanish America: Displaced Bureaucrats in Cuba,” in Alan Forrest, Karen Hagemann, and Michael Rowe, eds., War, Demobilization and Memory: The Legacy of War in the Era of Atlantic Revolutions (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016), 238-53.

Michael Gaudio (Associate Professor of art history) published The Bible and the Printed Image in Early Modern England: Little Gidding and the Pursuit of Scriptural Harmony with Routledge in July, 2016.

Ann Waltner (Professor of history) is on the verge of completing an online course on the 18th-century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber in conjunction with a production of an opera based on the novel to be premiered by the San Francisco Opera in September of 2016. Professor Waltner interviewed David Henry Hwang and Bright Sheng, who did the libretto and music for the opera. Watch the interview.

Graduate Student Accomplishments

Elizabeth Howard (English) was named a Women Scholars Fellow by PEO International for 2020-21. They also have several forthcoming articles: “The Narrative Arc of Armchair Science: Krakatoa, Nature, and the ‘Lurid’ Green Suns of 1883,” Victorians Institute Journal (forthcoming), “The American Civil War.” Entry for The Encyclopedia of Victorian Women's Writing. Palgrave/Springer (forthcoming), “Too Many Twos: Ashley and the Artificial Authentic,” Theology & Black Mirror. Eds, Amber Bowen, and John Anthony Dunne. Theology and Pop Culture Series, Lexington, KY /Fortress. 

Emma Snowden (History) holds a Mellon Council for European Studies Dissertation Completion Fellowship.

Sultan Toprak Oker (History) was awarded a Research and Write-Up Grant for PHD Candidates at the Istanbul Research Institute for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Chris Saladin (History) had a paper, "Spatial Approaches to the Past: Story Maps in the History Classroom," accepted for publication in the journal The History Teacher. 

Joseph Nelson (Musicology) has a chapter on sound and biopolitics in an edited volume entitled Music, Sound, and Space (2021). 

Jonas Gardsby (English) held a Leonard Unger Fellowship summer 2020 and an English Department Dissertation Completion Fellowship spring 2021. Published an essay entitled “On Robert D. Richardson and the Art of Excavating Other People’s Lives: The Biographer Who Crafted Stories of Self-Transformation”