Placement Tests

Students studying together outdoors on campus

Placement tests determine how your previous study fits into course sequences at the University of Minnesota. Coursework you transfer here from other institutions may have equivalency to University of Minnesota courses and fulfill degree requirements. But, placement testing may still be required to evaluate your current understanding and accurately place you into the most appropriate University of Minnesota courses.

Students who have not taken classes to fulfill the liberal education requirements or who are planning a major or program that requires math, chemistry, or a second language must take a placement test in order to register for those classes. Students cannot register for courses in those departments if they have not taken the tests.

Placement Testing Options

Placement is helpful for mathematics, chemistry, and a variety of second languages. The placement tests that are available are not for credit and will not be graded, but you should take them seriously and do your best since you can only take each test once. Please plan to complete your placement testing at least one week before your orientation date, so your results can be reviewed by your advisor before you attend your orientation. 

At orientation, your advisor will look at both your transfer coursework and placement testing scores to determine which courses you should take to be the most successful. Your advisor will help you navigate your course registration options.