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Dissertations & Placements


Jacob Coburn
"Wind in the Upper Midwest: Assessing Wind Resource Variability and Representation in Reanalyses"
Placement: Postdoc position in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell University

Joe Getzoff
"Wasted Lands: Zionist Development and Settler Colonialism in the Naqab/Negev"
Placement: Visiting Assistant Professor position in the Graduate School of Geography at Clark University

Aaron Mallory
"In the Life: Accounting and Triage for Black LGBTQIA Communities in HIV Prevention"
Placement: Assistant Professor of Geography at Florida State University

Elizabeth Schneider
"Spatiotemporal Complexity of Fire in an Island-Lake Landscape, Border Lakes Region, Minnesota, USA"
Placement: Instructional Design Specialist in the Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching, Scared Heart University

Uday Kuwar Thapa
"Investigating Changes in Forest Growth and Atmospheric Circulation in the Himalayan Region During the Past Four Centuries"
Placement: Researcher in Climate and Global Change program at The National Atmospheric and Oceanographic Administration, UC Santa Barbara


Kwame Adovor
"The State’s Role and Synergies in China-Africa Engagements: The Case of Ghana’s Bui Hydropower Dam"
Placement:  Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Urbana

Megan Snow
"The Shelterbelt “Scheme”: Radical Ecological Forestry and the Production of Climate in the Fight for the Prairie States Forestry Project"
Placement: Program Director for Geospatial Support in the University Library and Adjunct Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Public Administration and Policy at the American University in Washington DC

Hillary Waters
"Undermining the urban present: Struggles over toxicity and environmental knowledge in Zambian mining cities"
Placement:  Postdoctoral Research Associate with CREATE Initiative at Humphrey School of Public Affairs


Kai Bosworth
“The People versus the Pipelines: Energy infrastructure and liberal ideology in North American environmentalism”
postdoctoral position at the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Damien Carriere
"Filtering Class through Space: Security Guards and Urban Territories in Delhi, India"
Placement:  post-doctoral fellowship funded by the French research institute, Institute of Strategic Research of the Ecole Militaire

Julia Corwin
"Circuits of Capital: India's Electronic Waste in the Informal Global Economy"
Placement: assistant professor at London School of Economics, UK

Ding Fei
"Variegated Work Regimes: A Comparative Analysis of Chinese Companies in Ethiopia"
Placement: Postdoc at Arizona State University 

Jessica Finlay
"Cities of (In)Difference: A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Place and Wellbeing in Later Life"
Placement: Postdoc in the Social Environment & Health Program, University of Michigan

Asli Ikizoglu
"Spacing Asylum: Orders of Protection in a Turkish City"
Placement: Assistant Professor in Cultural Studies at Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey

Laura Matson
"Multiple Sovereigns and Transient Resources: Contested Ecosystems and Expanding Tribal Jurisdiction in the Great Lakes Region"
Placement: Postdoc, Grand Challenges, University of Minnesota

Gwen McCrea
"Political (Wild)Life: What More-Than-Human Relations Can Tell Us About the Politics of Morehouse"
Placement: Learning Specialist Liaison for the Liberal Arts at Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale, VA. 

Todd Morehouse
"A Desire to be Otherwise: On Eco-survivalism"
Placement: Lecturer, Department of Geography, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont. 

Bryan Runck
"GeoComputational Approaches to Evaluate the Impacts of Communication on Decision-making in Agriculture"
Placement: postdoctoral in College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Science(CFANS) UMN


Laura Cesafsky
"Divided Together:  Traffic and Democratic Life in Bogota'"
Placement:  Researcher: Nissan Corporation

Alicia Lazzarini
"‘Açúcar nem Sempre Doce’:  Reinvestment, Land, and Gendered Labor in a ‘New’ Mozambique"
Consortium for Faculty Diversity postdoctoral fellowship in Geography at Bucknell University

Ben McDaniel
"At Odds with Progress: An Analysis of Minnesota's Municipal Tax Legislation, Metro-Area Fiscal Control, and the Taxpayer's Income Conundrum, 2003-2012"
Placement: Lecturer: North Hennepin Community College

Sara Nelson
"Neoliberal Environments: Crisis, Counterrevolution, and the Nature of Value"
Placement: University of British Columbia as a Killam Postdoctoral Fellow.



Dudley Bonsal
"Local in Space and Time: Acoustic Environmental Policy in Minnesota and a Fine-Scale Spatiotemporal Representation of Aircraft Noise Impact  on Residential Life"
Placement: James Madison University, Assistant Professor, tenure track

Sian Butcher
"Infrastructures of Property and Debt: making affordable housing, race and place in Johannesburg"
Placement:  Human Geography Lecturer in the School of Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.

Jessica Lehman
"Planetary Sea: Oceanography and the Making of the world Ocean"
Placement: Mellon Postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison


Basil Mahayni
"Crisis in Jordan's Water Sector? Understanding the Dynamics of Institutional and Political Constraints in Water Management and Corporatization Reforms"
Placement: Practice manager with Chemonics International (Washington DC)

Bill Lindeke
"In Search of New Riders: Affective Exclusions and Bicycle Planning in Minneapolis/Saint Paul"
Placement: St Paul Planning Commission and a freelance journalist, blogger, and activist

Ursula Lang
"Cultivating Everyday Life: Yards, Nature and Time in the City"
Placement: Postdoctoral Research Associate in urban geography at Glasgow University, UK

Katharine H. Kindervater
"Lethal Surveillance: Drones and the Geo-History of Modern War"
Placement: Society of Fellows 3 year postdoc at Dartmouth

Jeff DeGraves
"Electricity, Marginalization, and Empowerment: For Whom? And Who Decides? Evaluating Participatory Mapping in Río Negro, Honduras"
Placement: University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire, lecturer

Catherine Chang
"Variegated Geographies of Ecological Urbanization: China's Eco-Cities in Global Contex"
Placement: Macalester College, Assistant Professor, tenure track

Ilona Moore
"The Work of 'Feeding the World:' from India's Green Revolution to the Paradox of Plenty"
Placement: Bucknell University, Assistant Professor, tenure track
Renata Blumberg
"The Spatial Politics and Political Economy of Alternative Food Networks in Post-Soviet Latvia and Lithuania"
Placement: Montclair State University, NJ, Assistant Professor in Food Systems
Ivan Bialostosky
"Urban Sustainability and the Technopolitics of Order"
Placement: Century College, MN, Adjunct faculty
Chris Crawford
"Assessing Historical Trends in Snowpack Variability Across the Northern Rocky Mountains Using Remote Sensing and Dendrochronology Approaches"
Placement: NASA Postdoctoral Fellowship, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Smai Eria
"The State of GIS in Developing Countries: A Diffusion and GIS & Society Analysis of Uganda, and the Potential for Mobile Location-Based Services"
Placement: ERSI analyst
Elizabeth Fairly
"Upholding Customary Land Rights through Formalization? Evidence from Tanzania’s Program of Land Reform"
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Washington DC
Jennifer Kotting
"Baltimore’s Urban Fix: Sounds of Excess and Exclusion in Station North"
Placement: Communications Director, Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health, Chicago
Jerry Shannon
"Rethinking Food Deserts: the practice and politics of food access"
Placement: University of Georgia, Assistant Professor, tenure track
Omar Tesdell
"Shadow Spaces: Territory, Sovereignty, and the Question of Palestinian Cultivation"
Placement: Birzeit University, Palestine, Assistant Professor of Geography; 2014-2015 Abu-Lughod Postdoctoral Fellowship at Columbia University
Luke Bergmann
"Capital, Carbon, Context, and Concepts: Geographies under Globalization"
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, University of Washington
Adam Berland
"Twin Cities Urbanization and Implications for Urban Forest Ecosystem Services"
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, Ball State University
Stefano Bloch
"The Changing Face of Wall Space: Graffiti-murals in the context of neighborhood change in Los Angeles"
Placement: Mellon postdoctoral fellowship, Brown University; Lecturer, California State University
Dinesh Paudel
"The Double Life of Development: Peasants, Agrarian Livelihoods, and the Prehistory of Nepal’s Maoist Revolution"
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, Appalachian State University
Kathryn Pratt
"Fleshing out Conservation: Performative Ecologies and Embodied Practice in Chilean Temperate Rainforest Management"
Program Development Specialist, Macalester College
Christopher Strunk
"Circulating citizenship practices: Bolivian routes of migration, hometown associations, and development"
Placement: Augustana College, Assistant Professor, tenure track
Nathan Clough
"Constituent Space: Re-theorizing the Geographies of Contestation and Control"
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, University of Minnesota Duluth
Nicholas Handler
"Technocenosis: As Assessment of Efforts to Identify the Sources of Derelict Trawl Nets in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands"
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, Pierce College
Elizabeth Johnson
"Reanimating Bios:Biomimetic Science and Empire"
Placement: Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Wisconsin Madison
Tatiana Matejskova
"Everyday Landscapes of Immigrant Integration in Post-Socialist Berlin: Integration Projects, Othering, and Meanings of Work"
Placement: Assistant Professor, Roskilde University, Denmark
Emily Murai
"Mapping Qualculative Geographies: User Interface Design and the Production of Space"
Placement: Lecturer, University of California Santa Clara
Rajyashree Narayanareddy
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, University of Toronto
Ebenezer Nikoi
"Child Nutritional Well-Being in Ghana: An Analysis of Associated Individual, Household, and Contextual health Indicators and Socioeconomic and Biophysical Environmental Variables"
Placement: University of Ghana
Nicole Simms
"The Counterfeit Consumer: Counterfeit Luxury Goods and the Negotiation of Space and Subjectivity"
Placement: Researcher, The Hospital for Sick Children, Minneapolis.
Kyle Walker
"The Geographies of Local Immigration Policies in the United States"
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, Texas Christian University
Justin Jacobson
"Japanese Transit-Oriented Development: the Framed Market and the Production of Alternative Landscapes"
Placement: Secondary School, Japan
Ozan Karaman
"Remaking Space for Globalization: Dispossession Through Urban Renewal in Istanbul"
Placement: Lecturer, University of Glasgow, UK
David Maralack
"Transforming Sport and Identity in the Post-Apartheid South African Nation State"
Placement: Senior Lecturer, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Moira McDonald
"Political Economy of Agriculture in the Yazoo Delta: how Federal Policies Shape Environmental Quality, Livelihood Possibilities, and Social Justice"
Placement: Program Officer, Freshwater Conservation Initiative, Walton Family Foundation, DC
Iam Muehlenhaus
"Lost in Visualization: Using Quantitative Content Analysis to Identify, Measure, and Categorize Political Cartographic Manipulations"
Placement: Lecturer and GIS Lab Manager, University of Wisconsin River Falls
Samuel Schueth
"State Assemblage in the Republic of Georgia"
Placement: USAID, Afghanistan
Marion Traub-Werner
"Global Displacements: Geographies of Work and Industrial Restructuring in the Dominican Republic"
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, University of Buffalo
Christopher William
"Ecology, Conservation, and Climate-Fire Challenges on Uruguru Mountain Biodiversity Hotspot, Tanzania"
Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Dar es Salaam
Grant Elliot
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, University of Missouri
Debarchana Ghosh
"A Geospatial Analysis of West Nile Virus in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area of Minnesota"
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, Kent State University
Jason Jindrich
Placement: Associate Researcher, Brown University
Evan Larson
"Status and Dynamics of Whitebark Pine (Pinus Albicaulis Engelm.) Forests in Southwest Montana, Central Idaho, and Oregon, USA"
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, University of Wisconsin Paletteville
David Menyah
"The Informal Sector Revisited: Botswana’s Developmental State and Micro-Enterprise Development"
Placement: Manager, Programme Development, Commonwealth Association for Public Administration & Management, Canada
Julia Rachfuss
"Dynamics of Old-Growth Forests of Minnesota"
Placement: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Mid Sweden University
Jonathan Schroeder
"Visualizing Patterns in US Urban Population Trends"
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, Middlebury College
Shipeng Sun
"Intraurban Migration in the Twin Cities of Minnesota"
Placement: Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Waterloo, Ontario.
Kenneth Blumenfeld
"Convective Weather Hazards in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, MN"
Placement: Lecturer, University of Wisconsin Paletteville
Christopher Hagerman
Placement: Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, Portland, Oregon; adjunct faculty, Portland State University
Tiffany M. Myrdahl
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, University of Lethbridge; board member of Women in Cities International
Judith Otto
"Representing Communism: Discourses of Heritage Tourism and Economic Regeneration in Nowa Huta, Poland"
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, Framingham State College
Frank Shockey
"Geography and the Rule of Law in the Making of Two American Indian Reservations: a Geographic Study of Law as a Social System"
Placement: Community Development Director, City of Ft. Myers, Florida; Senior Natural Hazards Program Specialist
Peter Anthamatten
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, University of Colorado Denver
Jennifer Blecha
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, San Francisco State University
Patricia Boda
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, Middle Tennessee State University
Mark Brinda
Placement: Workforce Manager, City of Minneapolis Employment and Training Program; Lecturer, University of Minnesota
Ryan Holifield
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Annemarie Kiaga
Placement: National Program Coordinator, International Labor Organization, Tanzania
Opportuna Kweka
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, University of Dar es Salaam
Kai-Chi Leung
Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong
Elizabeth Lunstrum
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, York University Ontario
Ananthakrishna Maringanti
Placement: Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Singapore
Timothy Mennel
Placement: Senior Editor and Acquisitions Manager, American Planning Association
Roxanne Ornelas
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, Miami University of Ohio
Farhana Sultana
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, Syracuse University
Kristin Sziarto
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Annette Watson
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, College of Charleston
Jun Zhang
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, National University of Singapore
Helen Hazen
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, University of Denver
Sook-Jin Kim
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, Kon-Kuk University
Yvette Pye
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, St. Mary’s University
Xuejin Ruan
Placement: GIS/IT specialist, Pierce County Washington
Sula Sarkar
Placement: Coordinator, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota
Daisaku Yamamoto
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, Colgate University
Gabriela Valdivia
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, University of North Carolina
Rafael Arias Ramirez
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, National University of Costa Rica
Laura Smith
Placement: Assistant Professor, tenure track, Macalester College