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Portrait of Laura Matson

Reservation Preservation

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Laura Matson combines her expertise in law and geography to focus on the expansion of tribal jurisdiction in the Great Lakes region. Matson has developed and defended her dissertation in analyzing resource policy and water regulation.
Portrait of Ryan Mattke

Minding the Maps

The Twin Cities campus has long known about the treasure of geographical information that the Borchert Map Library contains in the sub basement of Wilson Library. As more of its artifacts are digitized, the library’s resources will be able to serve researchers and map-curious people everywhere.
Ryan Mattke, head librarian forthe Borchert Map Library

Map Library Wins Governor’s Award

The Minnesota Historical Aerial Photographs Online website, developed over several years at the University Libraries, received the Governor’s Commendation Award. MHAPO includes more than 100,000 digital copies of historical aerial photographs, mostly from between the 1920s and the 1990s, and they cover all 87 counties in Minnesota, and has drawn more than 250,000 users to the website over the last six years.