Digital Humanities for Social Justice

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In GWSS, digital humanities are utilized to push students to think critically about the media and digital forms that they encounter and to develop new uses of these technologies for social justice. Our work on technology and education emerges from a desire to use academic technologies for feminist pedagogies and to situate the digital turn in higher education for the purposes of social change.

It is imperative that the humanities’ concern about knowledge, value, meaning and representation be reflected in new media production and digital learning technologies. Utilizing digital technologies in the classroom enables diverse learners to exercise a range of skills and strengths.

Learning how to analyze and create digital media prepares students to:

  • articulate the power of images and narrative for effective communication and creating change in ethical ways
  • leverage technical skills, develop new perspective, and expand their artistic visions
  • gain design, production, and editing skills and understand how to apply these skills towards change-making media