From "Crisis" to Futurity: Borders as Violence

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Photograph by the Old Pueblo / Wikimedia Commons
Sign erected to show support for the controversial US Border Patrol checkpoint along Arivaca Road, in Amado, Arizona (2016).

What are borders, what do they do, and whom do they serve? Borders tend to be created and justified as a response to a crisis, but how do they exacerbate and produce crises and function as zones of exception? Examining the US-Mexico border and the university in the time of COVID, the participants in this webinar grapple with these questions in their contributions to “From ‘Crisis’ to Futurity: Migration and Borderlands in the 21st Century,” a collaboration of Public Books and the Migration Scholars Collaborative. Please join us at this virtual roundtable as we continue the important conversation about borders “From ‘Crisis’ to Futurity” initiated.  


Monica Muñoz Martinez, University of Texas at Austin

Karl Jacoby, Columbia University

Daniel Gonzalez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Alex Sager, Portland State University

Moderated by Geraldo L. Cadava, Northwestern University


Featured image source: Wikimedia Commons


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