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Click on the thumbnail images below and download our free curriculum for making and teaching about Immigrant Stories.

Making a Digital Story

Each curriculum is a complete resource for making Immigrant Stories in the classroom or a public workshop. They contain schedules, lesson plans, worksheets, a gradic rubric, and written instructions that correspond with the website’s tutorial videos.

  • Download the Curriculum for College Instructors
  • Download the Curriculum for Immigrant Stories for English Language Learners
  • Download the Curriculum for Immigrant Stories for High School Teachers
  • Download the Immigrant Stories Workshop Guide

Teaching Immigration with the Immigrant Stories Project

The digital stories in the Immigrant Stories collection are powerful primary sources for teaching and learning about immigration. We worked with The Advocates for Human Rights to create this curriculum for grade 8- adult learners.

The units address:

  1. why and how individuals and families immigrate
  2. refugee and asylee experiences, past and present
  3. the experiences of immigrant youth and immigrants' children

This curriculum contains lesson plans, fact sheets, worksheets, and classroom activities. 

Download the Teaching Immigration Lesson Plans

Download the PowerPoints that Accompany these Lessons
Unit 1: Understanding Immigration
Unit 2: Refugee and Asylum Seekers

Lehrplan für den Unterricht mit Deutschlernern (Immigrant Stories for German Language Learners)

Herunterladt der Lehrplan für den Unterrict mit Deutschlernern. Download the Immigrant Stories for German Language Learners.

Making Digital Stories (First Edition)

Before we launched our story-making website, we developed guides to make Immigrant Stories in college classes and public workshops. They teach participants to make their digital stories using free audio and video editing programs.

  • Download the Immigrant Stories College Toolkit
  • Download the Immigrant Stories Workshop Toolkit