CourseShare for Spring 2024: Discourse, Spanish Reading, Occitan

Most of the received CourseShare classes for Spring 2024 are now open in Schedule Builder, but scheduling is still in process for a few. In spring semesters, most of the classes available are continuation courses, meaning that they are not a good fit for true beginners of a language. However, there are a couple of options open to a wider audience:  

LANG 3511: Discourse in Everyday Life in Korea: Shaping Culture, Ideology, and Identity  
This is an introductory level course designed to familiarize students with the concepts of discourse and genre and to understand both as social practice, all with a primary focus on Korean exemplars of discourse and genre. The course will use additional complementary perspectives from English, Japanese, Chinese, and other languages that students bring to the table.  

LANG 1321: Spanish for Reading Knowledge  
This course aims to help students to acquire reading skills in Spanish, to understand texts of moderate difficulty, to acquire basic translation skills in order to translate and analyze texts, and to receive grammatical tools to understand how Spanish works.  

LANG, 5272: Occitan & Occitania (permission required)  
Discover the region of Occitania in the south of France, where for centuries people spoke and wrote Occitan AKA Provençal or “langue d’oc.” This romance language at the crossroads of French, Italian, Catalan, and Spanish has been suppressed for centuries, yet remnants still survive and groups are fighting to preserve it. 

Students and advisors may submit a short form to request a language course or to receive updates on the status of a course. Please note that  Occitan & Occitania requires permission to enroll. Please submit the request form, and select French (reading, Medieval or Occitan only) from the list of options or email to indicate interest in that language. 


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