Introducing Dr. Saena Dozier, Student Engagement & Development Specialist

Saena Dozier

Please welcome Dr. Saena Dozier as the new Language Center’s Student Engagement & Development Specialist. She will serve as the primary coordinator of the TandemPlus program, as well as the main office, lab/lounge and other spaces, programs and activities at the Language Center.

Seana is a language acquisition and cultural studies specialist who is passionate about helping students to enjoy learning foreign languages and cultures. She is an engaging and dynamic educator who has worked with diverse student populations ranging from young children to high school, college students to graduate students and adult professionals. She highly values education and enjoys helping students learn new languages and cultures and achieve their educational goals.

Saena received her BA in Business Administration from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and went on to earn Master’s degrees in International Studies from Yonsei University and in East Asian Studies from Duke University. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures and Media, specializing in contemporary Korean media and its global influence.

Saena is continually engaged in promulgating understanding and appreciation of the Asian American diaspora community. She volunteers weekly to teach Asian American children in Minnesota about their heritage, helping them to feel as proud as she does of being Asian and American.

Saena is also an avid traveler who finds joy in learning about new places and cultures. Whether Saena is admiring the Wasatch Mountains and Little Cottonwood Canyon in Snowbird, Utah or imagining the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, in Edinburgh Castle, she cherishes the beauty of diverse destinations.

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