New OER in French: On apprend avec TikTok!

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This summer, as part of a CARLA graduate assistantship, Chimène Dupuis, a graduate student in FRIT, developed an Open Educational Resource (OER) together with Amanda Dalola from the Language Center. This openly accessible database, On apprend avec TikTok!, offers a variety of video clips from TikTok and Instagram, organized by cultural themes usually covered in beginning French courses. The interactive short-form media included in the database provides innovative and authentic resources for French language teachers to easily plug-and-play in their lesson plans and curricula to increase learners’ cultural and sociolinguistic awareness of diversity within the francophone world. The material is also available for researchers to use in exploring the potential benefits of short-form media for learners in terms of cultural and sociolinguistic awareness, pronunciation gains, communicative and interpretive skills, and engagement. Users of the OER are encouraged to share their experiences with the tool via its feedback and contribution forms (linked on the OER website).

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