Oh, the places you’ll go with #OnYGo


An innovative, multimodal French OER for fostering diversity, equity and inclusion

#OnYGo is an innovative open educational resource (OER) designed to revolutionize language learning in first-year French. Created by Language Center Director Amanda Dalola and her co-authors, Géraldine Blattner (Florida Atlantic University) and Stéphanie Roulon (Portland State University), this OER challenges conventional textbooks’ often narrow view of the cultures and languages in the francophone world by prioritizing the themes of inclusion and linguistic justice. 

To do this, #OnYGo makes use of three key elements: 

  • Dynamic translanguaging; encouraging critical language awareness

  • The multiliteracies framework; developing skills across various textual modalities

  • The authentic use of digital tools: integrating online platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and GoogleTranslate to supercharge learners’ development of real-world language skills

#OnYGo's core mission is one of defiant redefinition: 

  • to redefine the notion of an authentic 21st-century user of French by highlighting communities whose reality is not monolingual prestige French but one of diglossia and multilingualism
  • to redefine the concept of “text" by holding space for a wide variety of prestigious and unprestigious language genres and registers, and 
  • to redefine what it means to be an OER by thriving in an easily editable digital format that promotes reflection, personalization, and participation in open educational practices.  

 You can explore the tool at onygofrench.com!

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