Podcast Studio Launches

You’re invited to step up to the mic!
Podcast Studio
LC Podcast Studio Monitor View
LC Podcast Studio Side View
LC Podcast Studio Controller Window View
LC Podcast Studio Mic View

The Language Center Podcast Studio in Jones 37 is a re-envisioned evolution of an audio recording studio. The space is available for students, graduate students, instructors, and staff for studio-quality broadcasts, podcasts, and other recordings.


  • Record up to four guests locally, with as many remote callers as needed. 
  • Tie in remote guests on Zoom, Riverside, and other platforms.


The studio features four Shure SM7B microphones on low profile boom arms, seating for four, and four Sennhesier monitoring headphones. To tie remote guests into a recording session, a 65” viewing monitor and Mac Mini are connected and ready. In the adjacent room, a Rodecaster Pro 2 audio interface is connected to the studio at the technicians’ desk, where recordings are conducted via Logic Pro X. 

Examples of recording options

  • Podcasts
  • Materials development
  • Student projects
  • Research projects 

Scheduling Studio Use

Use of the full podcast studio setup requires reservation and a technician to run the session. Please reach out to Jonathan Prestrud at prest211@umn.edu to schedule a recording session.

Audio editing

Audio editing, including cleaning up vocals, limiting background noise, adjusting clips, adding music or other tracks, and more, is offered as a service. Each project will have varying editing needs depending on its genre (audio recordings, podcast episodes, language instruction materials),and we can discuss options. In the event that no editing is required, the raw audio files will be provided via Google Drive file share.

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