Sharing Less Commonly Taught Languages in Higher Education: Collaboration and Innovation

Edited By Emily Heidrich Uebel, Angelika Kraemer, Luca Giupponi

Available for purchase, and free as Open Access 
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This edited volume highlights how institutions, programs, and less commonly taught language (LCTL) instructors can collaborate and think across institutional boundaries, bringing together voices representing different approaches to LCTL sharing to highlight affordances and challenges across institutions in this collection of essays. With challenges including instructor isolation, difficulty in offering advanced courses or sustaining course sequences, and minimal availability of pedagogical materials compared to commonly taught languages to overcome, this collection is a vital resource for language educators and language program administrators.

This volume includes the chapter Scaling Up Sustainably, co-written by University of Minnesota CourseShare coordinator Stephanie Treat, and colleagues from three other institutions. It also includes chapters exploring sharing languages from multiple perspectives, and focusing on a variety of languages. 


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