The Language Center to Reopen in Jones Hall for Fall 2021

Jones Hall is coming back to life. The Admissions Freshman Welcome Center has resumed in-person tours, and prospective college families are back, if not exactly in the building, then just right outside it. While the Language Center spaces remain closed, staff have begun meeting more on campus, and some renovations and installations are underway.

For Fall 2021, the Language Center plans to relaunch core in-person services, including:

  • Computer classroom and small room reservations
  • In-person language assessments
  • Walk-in multimedia lab
  • Checkout equipment

There will be some new equipment and other changes in the building. Stay tuned for more news on these updates later this summer. There may also be updates to processes and hours, and we are gathering information before making final decisions.

We are not yet accepting reservation requests, but welcome your questions, concerns and ideas now. Please email the departmental account at or reach out to a staff member individually. We would greatly appreciate your input as we prepare to relaunch the Language Center in Jones Hall next semester.

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