Tip of the Day: Letter from the Director & Wrap Up

From the Director of the Language Center, Dan Soneson:

Tip of the Day will take a brief hiatus to gain some breathing room and take a look at where we’ve been and where we are going. We want to thank you for visiting the blog throughout the year (to date we have had over 8,000 visits to the site), and thank many of you for contributing to the tips we have collected.

As we have noted several times, technology moves on, as do our circumstances. This past year has seen many changes to the Zoom application, including many new and useful features and several adjustments to the way things work in the application. Google continues to change applications in its sphere as well, and we have been able to highlight some of these changes in addition to some useful features that we ourselves hadn’t noticed before. We will continue to monitor these changes and issue updates as appropriate.

The academic environment has changed considerably as well and will continue to morph into new formats that combine some of the pre-pandemic activities as well as some of the approaches and activities that have evolved over the past year. We’d love to hear more from you about what you would like to continue doing in the changed and changing environment going forward. Continue reading the letter.

Before we go, we have one final traditional tip and two wrap-up posts:

Thank you for reading, learning and sharing with us this year.

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