Tip of the Day: Record the Good Stuff & Assessment of/as Intercultural Learning

As we approach the end of a fully remote academic year, we're asking instructors, programs and others to reflect on what they have learned from the experience. This week, Chee-ia Thao, the student representative of the Tip of the Day team, has highlighted what she has found particularly useful as a student: when instructors record all or parts of a live lecture. She also provides suggestions for instructors on how to record effectively:

What have you learned from the previous year? With the shift to online and remote teaching, instructors have explored new tools and modified teaching practices. Some changes have been big, others have been small. Which tools, activity types, and practices have you embraced and do you want to use in the future? Pick one (big or small) and tell us about it!

There are two other new tips this week, including an atypical post from Beth Kautz:

And More: CEHD Connect Magazine has a profile of Shantia Kerr Sims, associate professor and coordinator of the educational technology program at the University of Central Missouri titled Harnessing the Power of Educational Technology: Pandemic reveals the strength of the discipline.

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