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Courses in the Institute of Linguistics cover a variety of topics, ranging from introductory-level courses in the core areas of linguistics (syntax, phonology and semantics) to advanced seminars in these areas and other specialized topics. Several of our courses also fulfill the University's liberal education and/or writing intensive requirements.

Spring 2020

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
LING 1705WWorld Englishes: The Linguistics of English-based varieties around the...Sections [2]
LING 3001Introduction to LinguisticsSections [6]
LING 3001HHonors: Introduction to LinguisticsSections [2]
LING 3052VHonors: ThesisSections [1]
LING 3601Historical LinguisticsSections [1]
LING 4201Syntax ISections [1]
LING 4302WPhonology ISections [1]
LING 4901WCapstone Seminar in LinguisticsSections [1]
LING 5106Field Methods in Linguistics IISections [1]
LING 5202Syntactic Theory IISections [1]
LING 5206Linguistic PragmaticsSections [1]
LING 5303Phonological Theory IISections [1]
LING 5462Field Research in Spoken LanguageSections [1]
LING 5601Historical LinguisticsSections [1]
LING 5801Introduction to Computational LinguisticsSections [1]
LING 5900Topics in LinguisticsSections [1]
LING 5993Directed StudySections [5]

Summer 2020

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
LING 3001Introduction to LinguisticsSections [2]
LING 5001Introduction to LinguisticsSections [2]
LING 5993Directed StudySections [1]