East Asia Summer Institute participants 2018

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The Minnesota Center for the Philosophy of Science (MCPS) is committed to advancing research and graduate training in the philosophy of science.

Scholars of different disciplines throughout the University of Minnesota and the greater Twin Cities area conduct innovative research to advance knowledge and provide outstanding educational opportunities for students. We also bring together faculty, postdoctoral, and graduate student researchers from around the world through our visiting fellow's program, organize conferences and conduct collaborative research workshops.

What Your Gift Can Do

Your generous support for MCPS is more critical than ever. We have a variety of funding opportunities at different levels. They range from modest contributions toward ongoing activities (or endowments) to larger contributions that establish named graduate student fellowships, lecture series, postdoctoral fellowships, or faculty chairs.

Our giving priorities include the following:


We sponsor one of the most important colloquia in the philosophy of science in the world. Eminent philosophers, scientists, and emerging scholars come to Minnesota from around the globe. In addition to presenting their research, visiting speakers typically participate in our interest groups, attend seminars, and meet with residential, visiting, and graduate student fellows associated with MCPS.

Excellence and competitiveness of our visiting fellow's program 

Gifts toward visiting fellowships help us recruit the very best faculty, postdoctoral, and graduate student visiting fellows and enrich their experience by making it possible for them to conduct research with us. We are especially interested in growing a regular community of postdoctoral fellows over the next few years.

Support for the public outreach of the Seven Pines Annual Symposium

The Annual Seven Pines Public lecture is held at the University of Minnesota immediately before the Seven Pines Symposium. The Seven Pines Symposium is dedicated to bringing together leading historians, philosophers, and scientists for several days in a collaborative effort to probe and clarify significant foundational issues in science as they have arisen in the past and continue to challenge our understanding today. Since its founding in 1996, it has provided a Minnesota forum for leading thinkers and researchers worldwide to exchange ideas and broaden knowledge. In addition, the Seven Pines Symposia always brings together many young and early-career scholars and researchers to participate.

Speakers at the public lecture have included William Unruh (British Columbia), Robert Wald (Chicago) John Norton (Pittsburgh).

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