Faculty, Postdoc, and Graduate Student Research

Selected Publications

Resident Fellows

Douglas Allchin

Victor Boantza

Mark Borrello

Roy T. Cook

Peter Distelzweig

Stephen Donaho

Samuel C. Fletcher

Janet Folina

Charles J. Geyer

Jessica Gordon-Roth

Geoffrey Gorham

Susan Hawthorne

  • Hawthorne, SCC; Williams-Wengerd A: “Is treatment helping? How providers gauge effectiveness in treating serious mental illness.” SSM-Mental Health 2022; 2, unpaginated, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ssmmh.2022.100110

  • Hawthorne, S. with Anne Williams-Wengerd. 2019. On Effective’ at What?: On Effective Intervention in Serious Mental Illness. Health Care Analysis 27(4):289-308. Online March 20 2019; https://doi.org/10.1007/s10728-019-00367-9 

  • Hawthorne, S. with Amy Ihlan. 2018. Rethinking Civil Commitment: The Radical Resources of the Ethics of Care. Public Philosophy Journal 1(1). Open source: http://publications.publicphilosophyjournal.org/record/?issue=6-18-22&kid=6-15-173285 

  • Hawthorne, S. 2017. Values as ‘Evidence For’: Mental Illness, Medicine, and Policy. Robyn Bluhm, ed., Knowing and Acting in Medicine, London, Rowman & Littlefield, pp. 133-150.

Geoffrey Hellman

Alan C. Love

Douglas Marshall

Georgiana May

Michael Bennett McNulty

Ruth Shaw

Edward S. Slowik

Emilie Snell-Rood

David Taylor

Valerie Tiberius

  • Tiberius, V. Forthcoming, What Do You Want From Life: a Philosophical Guide to Figuring out What Matters. Princeton University Press. 
  • DeYoung, Colin G., and Tiberius, V. Forthcoming. “Value fulfillment from a cybernetic perspective: A new psychological theory of well-being”, Personality and Social Psychology Review.
  • Tiberius, V. 2021. “Growth and the Multiple Dimensions of Well-Being: A Philosopher’s Take on the Idea of Post-Traumatic Growth”, in Redesigning Research on Post-Traumatic Growth: Challenges, Pitfalls, and New Directions, edited by Frank J. Infurna and Eranda Jayawickreme.  Oxford University Press, pp. 1-11.
  • Koenig, M. A., Tiberius, V., & Hamlin, J. K. 2019. Children’s Judgments of Epistemic and Moral Agents: From Situations to Intentions. Perspectives on Psychological Science, https://doi.org/10.1177/1745691618805452.
  • Tiberius, V. 2018. Well-Being as Value Fulfillment:  How We Can Help Each Other to Live Well, Oxford University Press.

Michael Travisano

Peter Truran

Jos Uffink

William Wimsatt

Marlene Zuk

  • Zuk, M. 2022. Dancing Cockatoos and the Dead Man Test: How Behavior Evolves and Why it Matters. W.W. Norton, NY.
  • Heinen‐Kay, J.L., Kay, A.D. and Zuk, M. 2021. How urbanization affects sexual communication. Ecology and Evolution. 11(24):17625-17650. doi.org/10.1002/ece3.832

  • Zuk, M. 2021. Sex differences, sexual selection, and gamete size: a comment on Shuker and Kvarnemo. Behavioral Ecology 32:800-801.
  • Zuk, M. and Spencer, H.G. 2020. Killing the Behavioral Zombie: Genes, Evolution, and Why Behavior Isn’t Special. BioScience 70(6):515-520
  • Tanner, J.C., L.M. Garbe, and M. Zuk. 2019. When virginity matters: age and mating status affect female responsiveness in crickets. Animal Behaviour 14783–90.

Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Fellows

Kele Cable

Michael Calasso

Max Dresow

Alex Harkness

Gabriela Huelgas Morales

Katherine Liu

Yoshinari Yoshida