CSPW supports IDFs through our partner centers CEMH and CMS

Apply for consideration by Monday, October 21, 2019
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Applications for IDFs for the 2020-2021 school year are now OPEN. Applications are due to CEMH/CMS via premod@umn.edu by Monday, October 21. 

Applicants for the Graduate School’s Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship are required to include a letter of support from the center or institute’s director in their application. CEMH/CMS will review applications and notify applicants whether or not their applications will be supported by the Centers. The Centers will provide a letter of support to the DGS of those students whose applications will be supported in advance of the Graduate School’s deadline.

Required materials for CEMH/CMS consideration (due to us by Monday, October 21):
  1. Application form
  2. Curriculum vitae (2 pp.)
  3. Research project proposal (100-word abstract and 2-page proposal)
  4. Letter(s) of support from faculty mentor(s)
  5. Letter of support from adviser/co-advisers (may be co-authored)
  6. Unofficial U of M graduate transcript, with explanation of incompletes
  7. Proof of IRB/IACUC approval, if applicable

Please see the Graduate School’s instructions for these materials and link to the application form. Materials to apply for a letter of support from CEMH/CMS are identical to what is required by the Graduate School in a final application (with the exception of the letter of endorsement from the Centers).

Application process

All materials will be submitted via email to premod@umn.edu by Monday, October 21. The subject line should read “IDF Application: Student Name.” All materials should be saved as a single PDF and sent as an email attachment.

You have two options for submitting materials. The student’s DGS or other departmental staff may compile and send all of the materials directly to premod@umn.edu. Or, the student may send the proposal, CV, transcript, and IRB/IACUC (if applicable), and ask the DGS to send the letters of support from the faculty mentor and advisors separately. Faculty mentors and advisors may also send letters to premod@umn.edu directly. If they do so, they should make sure to also send these letters to the applicant's DGS as the applicant's department manages the final submission to the Graduate School. If the application is being sent in two parts, please indicate this in the body of the email. In either case all materials should be submitted into a single PDF per email and sent via attachment.

Faculty Mentor

You are asked to identify a faculty mentor with whom you will work during the fellowship. Lists of faculty affiliated with CEMH and CMS are available on their websites. Other faculty mentors may be possible. The center Directors, Michelle Hamilton (CMS) hamilton@umn.edu and JB Shank (CEMH) jbshank@umn.edu, are available for consultation about potential mentors. 

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