An Interview with Eric Shook: The Edge of Impossibility

Photo of Eric Shook

Eric Shook's ground-breaking research in geocomputing was recently featured in an interview titled, The Edge of Impossibility. Watch the video and learn more about how he uses geospatial computing to explore big data like cropland for research, policymaking, and uses yet to be discovered. To quote Eric, So oftentimes with my work, the biggest challenge is trying to figure out where the edge of impossibility is and trying to push it into a new edge. And that's where the exciting research happens. One of the exciting things that I've been working on is trying to come up with a programming language for geospatial computing, which gives researchers a way to express and to communicate the way that they think about the world in a way that a computer can understand, can process the data, can simulate the process, can visualize the result, can plot out the data. I think that that's at least one step toward making an advance in our research.

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