2023 Schubert Club Competition Winners

Students of Korey Konkol (pictured middle left) celebrate their Schubert Club Win

The School of Music would like to congratulate all the 2023 Schubert Club Competition winners! In total, there are seven School of Music students represented among the winners. Pictured are the viola students of Korey Konkol's studio celebrating their victories. All the School of Music winners are listed below, and a complete list of winners can be seen at this link.   

Brass and Woodwinds III:

Third Place: Emily Brewer | Preston Duncan

Guitar III:

Second Place: Miloš Soćanin | Maja Radovanlija

Strings III:

First Place: Sam Anderson | Korey Konkol 

Strings IV:

First Place: Yueh-Chen Lee | Stephanie Arado

Second Place: Zirui Wang | Korey Konkol

Third Place: Xiaoxuan Liang | Korey Konkol 

Voice III:

First Place: Jinglei Yao | John De Haan

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