"Those who invest in the arts and the future of people working in the arts are as much a part of its existence as those who are working, teaching, and performing. I am completely committed to doing the best I can to develop as a pianist and teacher, and in turn to be able to contribute what I can to the community and to those around me. Your help is a huge factor in my being able to do so. So it is, from the heart, greatly appreciated."

—Joan, Berneking Fellow

Gifts from alumni and friends fill a critical funding niche in helping the University achieve the level of quality expected of the state’s premier research university. Donors may designate gifts of any size to the department or program they wish to support.

The School of Music could use your support to meet needs that are critical to its future success. Your gift can make an immediate impact on our ability to establish student scholarships, engage with the local community, and more!

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There are a number of ways your gift can help support music programs and individual students in the School of Music: