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Peer Advisors Katira Lutterman and Matt Healy

We are thrilled to introduce the School of Music’s Peer Advisors, Katira Lutterman (BM, music therapy) and Matt Healy (BM, tuba performance). This summer, they will be working in professional duties around the School of Music and in the fall they will assist advisor Erica Evilla in helping guide their fellow students on their journey through the School of Music’s curriculum. Lutterman currently participates in the University Singers and has also been a member of the Women’s Chorus and Gospel Choir in the past. Healy is involved in the University Wind Ensemble, Jazz I, Jazz Combos, and Brass Quintet. 

Both students were inspired to sign up for the position because they feel a desire to support other students. “I really like helping people through programs that I am in or have been a part of,” Healy said. “It  lets me be a relatable resource that my peers can come to for help and advice.” Lutterman also shared that assisting other students inspired her interest in the position: “Not only is that an important characteristic of mine, but I also went through a lot of different obstacles as a freshman who did not know what I wanted to major in, nor who to talk to.” 

They have excellent advice to share with their peers who stop by for a virtual visit. “For both new and incoming students, I would encourage you to always play the music that makes you happy,” Healy said. “Play the music that made you want to pursue music in the first place so that you never forget what you're here for.” Lutterman advises students to “really utilize faculty and staff resources. As someone who was not entirely sure what I wanted to do, I was able to connect with a ton of staff, like my academic advisor, who guided me through the process, and also connected me with other resources.” She also recommends taking a class or two outside of the music curriculum to help with focus during the semester and expand knowledge. 

In addition to peer advising, Lutterman and Healy also have some fantastic thoughts on their favorite classes. Lutterman’s favorite class last semester was Gospel Choir, she said it was “always the refreshment that I needed at the end of Tuesday nights. We sang together, talked openly about important topics, and did a few assignments that really gave me insight about the roots of Gospel music in America.” Healy enjoyed his conducting class the best last semester. 

Around campus, Healy recommends grabbing lunch at the West Bank Jimmy John’s. Lutterman prefers Bruegger’s Bagels. Lutterman and Healy both enjoy anywhere they can set up their hammock and spend a warm day outside. In their spare time, Lutterman is a singer-songwriter and R&B artist, with music out on Spotify and Apple Music, and Healy loves making bread.

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