Summer Academics

We are pleased to announce that the following music courses are available for summer registration. Do note that these courses will be taken virtually due to COVID-19. Click on the link to each class in Schedule Builder for more information on class sessions.  

MUS1471: Guitar: Class Lessons 1

MUS1475: Beginning Ukelele

MUSA1123: Guitar: Elective (Non-Major in Music)

Private instruction in guitar. 

The following summer courses help fulfill Liberal Education Requirements. 

MUS1013: Rock I: Arts/Humanities, Diversity & Social Justice in the U.S.

Musical, cultural, historical, social, and political evolution of rock music, from its traceable antecedents in mid-19th century America through the early 1970s. Emphazes manner in which African, European, and other ethnic traditions combined in a uniquely American manner.

MUS1015W: Music and Movies: Writing Intensive

Film from perspectives of its use/representation of music/musicians. How does music underscore nuances of action, characterization, and feeling in film? Roles of music in film musicals, rock, and other vernacular films. Films about musical life. Films whose structure is musically based.

MUS 1021/3021: Introduction to Music: Arts/Humanities

Survey of European/American "art," "popular" music in context of those cultures. Aural analyses of musical styles/forms.

To Enroll

Currently declared students can log into their MyU account to enroll in the course. If you are a non-degree student please work with your CCAPS advisor. If you have questions or problems please email Erica Evilla at to enroll.